Signs That Your Air Conditioner Needs Services

It is quite important to take proper care of your air conditioner unit to make it last longer, work better, and keep energy costs down. Air conditioning service is essential as it assures you the reliability and efficiency of your unit that it can serve you for the upcoming years. You need aircon servicing when the air is not cold enough, or it’s humid.

SG Aircon is a reputable servicing company for your air conditioner. You can contact us anytime you want as it is essential.

What is Air Conditioning Service?

Air conditioning service simply means servicing the equipment that provides cool air to your room or your car. There are certain major components of an air conditioning system that gets services to make it work better. Those components are condenser, evaporator, compressor, expansion valve, and refrigerant. There are many issues that can create an issue in your air conditioner and hinder the provision of cool air.

However, usual wear and tear happen, and this is what service helps you with. It can cause seals, hoses, and fittings to lose or wear out. In any case, aircon servicing is something that can help you resolve the issue.

List of Warning Signs Your AC Needs Service:

Living in Singapore means that for sure, you need to turn on your air conditioner as the summer begins. This helps you with surviving in summer as it gets hotter and you need your AC to work in prime condition.

However, there are times when your AC needs service, and you don’t know about it. Here are the signs that can help you determine if your AC needs repair services to make it work better.

1. The rise in Energy Bills:

When you see a significant rise in your energy bills each month, it means there is some issue with your AC unit. You can get services from SG air con to make your air conditioner work better.

2. AC Unit Making Noise:

Whenever you hear a certain sound from your AC like banging, rattling, screeching, or something else, then there is an issue. It is not something normal. Loud noises from your unit mean loose parts that can cause damage. Get it served ASAP.

3. Leaking AC:

There are times when your air conditioner leaks water, and it should get fixed immediately. Leaking water can cause mold and mildew, so get it repaired. It could be because of faulty condensation.

4. Low Air Flow:

Taking your hand near the vent making you feel cool, but it is not blowing hard enough, then there is some issue with the motor or fan. Again you need aircon services.

5. Room Not Getting Cool:

If you feel that the air is coming out, but it is not cool, get it repaired because there is some issue with your AC refrigerant.

6. Frozen AC Coil:

The AC coil can get frozen because of simple reasons like dirty air filters or something tricky like a leak in refrigerant. Whatever it is, you need professional services ASAP to make it work better.

These are some basic issues. Apart from these, there are plenty of signs that can show you that you need air conditioning services. We recommend you come to SG aircon in Singapore to help you with whatever services you need.

Why is Hiring Experts Essential?


AC services are quite essential, but there are some people who think that they can do things on their own, which is actually not possible. There are experts who can help you professionally. Here are the reasons why you should hire experts for air conditioning service.

1. Safety:

Hiring experts means that every step of services will be safe as they know each and everything about the air conditioner. Handling things like metallic shards, fan blades, electrical parts are dangerous, and a professional approach is needed for efficiency.

2. Experience and Knowledge:

Aircon expert is important for your AC service because of their vast knowledge and experience in the field. There are a lot of things that you or a newbie in the field cannot understand. Therefore hiring an expert is important.

3. Right Equipment:

There is a lot of tools for AC repairing services. A newbie in the field does not know about every piece of equipment. So this makes it essential for you to hire an expert like SG aircon for your AC unit servicing.

4. Proper Duct Sealing:

Proper sealing of duct is quite important, or it can end up with a significant loss of energy. An aircon expert will seal each duct properly to assure there is no loss of anything. Professional experts make sure to use the proper thing for proper air duct sealing. This is why you should hire an expert aircon service provider.

5. Peace of Mind:

This is the most important point. Hiring an expert in the field gives you peace of mind as their professionalism will guarantee the work. You will be at peace that your work is under the hands of professionals who will make it better for you.

Who Are We?

SG aircon is one of the premium air conditioning mechanical experts and specialists. We are based in Singapore with all the professional and expert mechanics to help you with your units. The company have a lot of experience in installing, maintaining, and servicing air conditioner that makes us a worthy choice for your AC unit servicing. SG aircon worked on a great deal of electrical equipment and air-con units for several clients in Singapore.

We are here to serve you with confidence from the initial consultation to design, installation, maintenance, and services. We are a reliable choice for you because of our expert team and cost-efficient services in the HVAC industry. Our broader experience working with a wide range of commercial and other clients makes us a great service provider for your air conditioner.

We know that you want a reliable air conditioning system all over your home, and if it needs some services, then don’t think about it; simply come to SG aircon in Singapore and get the best services for your air conditioner.

Why Can We Be the Best Choice?

SG aircon is the best choice for you because we provide you with air conditioning services customized according to your needs alongside exceeding your expectations. We are equipped with a professional team that works professionally and serves on-site whenever you need it.

Here are some points that make us the best choice for you;

  • Years of experience in the field
  • Customized air conditioning services
  • Available 24/7
  • Maintenance and servicing as per your demand
  • Energy-efficient and pocket-friendly solutions for your air conditioner unit
  • Scheduling regular maintenance and servicing for your air conditioner

Whether they are small or large, all of our clients get the same level of service standards. We make sure to serve with great workmanship at every stage of the work. We get the work done after knowing if the client is satisfied or not means that the end results should satisfy our client. We work on a range of projects that could be a single residential unit, an office, or a through to a system covering an entire complex.

Simply we are here to deliver you whatever you need. Just come to SG aircon in Singapore for your air conditioning services.

Aircon Chemical Cleaning Vs Aircon Overhaul – Best Advice of 2021

Aircon an essential appliance in our homes, helping us cope with hot and humid weathers. As the aircon is literally ‘life saviours in summers, the question here comes what steps should be taken to keep it efficient? When is the right time for cleaning it? Should you get professional help? What type of cleaning is the best, i.e., chemical cleaning or overhaul cleaning? Here you will get the best advice on cleaning of aircon.

Like every other machine, aircon also requires proper cleaning for efficient and long-lasting working. Excessive aircon use leads to dust and debris in air filters that block the airflow, thus reducing its efficiency. Also, the performance and expectancy of aircon may decline if it is not serviced timely. So aircon need to be serviced every once in a while.

Many believe that working declines as aircon become old; it’s mere a misconception. It doesn’t matter how old your air conditioner is; as long as you continue to take care of it and keep it clean, it will work with the same efficiency as when you first bought it. So, how can you even think about compromising the cleanliness of something that keeps you cool in severe hot weathers?

Some Important Facts About Cleaning Aircon

Here is why you need to get air conditioners cleaned by professionals once or twice a year.

  • Increase performance
  • Reduce stress and pressure on the machine.
  • Increase the life span of air conditioners
  • Cool and quality air
  • Low maintenance cost

Singapore’s weather is mostly hot throughout the year, which is proportional to the load on aircon. It’s better to get your air conditioners monitored by technicians every 2-3 months to avoid complications.

There are two ways to maintain/clean aircon, the selection of which depends on your aircon condition.

  • Aircon chemical cleaning
  • Aircon overhaul

SG aircon zone has professional staff who will guide you about which service do you need. Now, Let’s take a look at each method to better understand them.

About Aircon Chemical Cleaning


Aircon chemical cleaning refers to the process that involves using specific chemicals to clean various parts, i.e., fan coils, air filters, and water trays. The parts are dismantled to remove all dust and other accumulated material properly, which then improves air quality. For aircon chemical cleaning, you seek professional help.

How is Aircon Chemical Cleaning Different from Regular Cleaning?

Regular cleaning involves cleaning the outer parts of the aircon rather than separating parts and using chemicals to clean them.

When to Get Aircon Chemically Cleaned?

For better working and results, chemical cleaning should be done at least twice a year. It will also increase the life of your aircon.

Pros & Cons

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of chemical cleaning.


  • Better Quality of Air

We know that chemical cleaning results in removing any unwanted dust particles, mould, and bacteria present in the air filters and compromising the quality of air. Once cleaned, the quality of indoor air is improved.

  • Save Electricity Bills

Maintenance of your aircon will save you a lot on electricity bills. This is because the clean aircon slows down the airflow as they don’t have any build-ups.

  • Increase the Life of Air Conditioner

Regular servicing keeps the parts free from unwanted materials, and the parts of the machine are also inspected. This inspection ensures the proper functioning of all parts, so your aircon works seamlessly.

  • Better Cooling

For better cooling, it is necessary to keep aircon cleaned. The cooling is also affected sometimes when the system is not used for long periods.

  • Free of Corrosion

Chemical cleaning also keeps the machine corrosion-free which helps it to function normally for years.



  • Time-Consuming

The aircon chemical cleaning consumes plenty of time as the su=ystem is wholly shut for proper cleaning.

  • No Repairing Involved

This method only focuses on keeping your aircon clean; if your aircon have any damaged parts, chemical cleaning will not cover it.

  • Use of Harmful Chemicals

Some people are allergic to chemicals, and the use of chemicals in the house can lead to severe allergic reactions leading to rash, irritation and breathing problems.

  • Professional Help

You can’t do it by yourself at home as it requires the use of harmful chemicals.

About Aircon Overhaul

Talking about aircon overhaul, it is a two-in-one. It refers to a method that involves servicing as well as repairing. The parts of the machine are dismantled and cleaned. Then the professionals check if there is any part that needs fixing for better working.

So, if your aircon is making sounds, not cooling enough, leaking water from pipes, or stopping working altogether, it would be best if you went for an aircon chemical overhaul.

It is advised to get chemical overhaul cleaning once a year.

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of aircon chemical overhaul


  • Refreshing and Clean Air with Better Cooling

The purpose of cleaning is to get air free of dirt and harmful microorganisms. After filters are cleaned, we get fresh and high-quality air.

  • Long-Lasting Life

Regular cleaning eliminates the chance of malfunctions, thus increases the life of your unit.

  • Lesser Bills

Overhaul ensures your system work with higher efficiency, which saves your electricity and ultimately your money.

  • Repairing or Replacement of Worn-Out Parts

An overhaul is a thorough inspection of your unit. In case there is any damage or replacement is required in your unit, it is fixed immediately.

  • Enhance Performance and Durability

An overhaul is done to ensure your system works smooth and problem-free.

  • No More Condensation Issues

Condensation mainly occurs due to overheating, and once you get services of chemical overhaul, you won’t have to deal with condensation problems anymore.



  • Professionals Required

Only qualified and trained persons can do this job.

  • Time-Consuming & Costly

As this process involves maintaining every possible issue of aircon, so it takes a longer time. Similarly, the rates are somewhat higher than chemical cleaning.

  • Hazardous Chemicals

Chemicals are used for cleaning, and these harmful chemicals can have detrimental effects on some people’s health. It may cause allergic reactions.

Aircon Chemical Cleaning Vs Aircon Overhaul?

After reading the pros & cons of chemical cleaning and overhaul cleaning, you can now make an informed decision. Both ways have their benefits, after which you can expect your aircon to be as good as new. However, if you can’t decide, our skilled and trained staff is here to assist you. What’s essential is that neglecting the cleaning of your machine will cost you badly, and it is a wiser choice to get your aircon cleaned by professionals.

Why Choose Us?

SG aircon zone ensures to give the best top-quality services for your aircon at an affordable price. We are known for our professional excellence, and we aim to satisfy all our customers. Our staff is highly and experienced skilled and is well-aware of all the tactics to cope with your aircon.

Please make us your trusted choice to get aircon services. Contact us now to get back your fresh and cool air. If you have any queries, let us know; we are happy to help.

How to Save Money On Aircon Cleaning Services In Singapore

Aircon cleaning is one of those things that have been in vogue lately. This is because no one wants to pay for what they don’t deserve. If the aircon doesn’t work as it should or consumes substantial energy without delivering relevant results, then aircon cleaning becomes your only option to get rid of this. It is backed with statistics that aircon cleaning helps lengthen your product’s lifetime, keeping its value bracket open.

Aircon cleaning is as important as tuning your car; the air around you needs to be refreshing, while the aircon must benefit from its most optimal performance through servicing various parts. Let’s talk about it and see why!

When to acquire aircon cleaning services

Today, multiple aircon cleaning companies are doing the same job for you. However, it is crucial to know when to get your hands-on with those.

If your aircon runs continuously without intervals, then most probably you need to get aircon cleaning services. This is because an optimal working aircon is tuned to stop working once a particular level of temperature has been reached.

Over time, various parts are put under wear and tear through extensive use. This can result in noise that may become annoying. In this case, you need to acquire aircon cleaning services that will repair the worn-out parts and get things running back to normal.

Moreover, observing a drop in your aircon’s performance is also an excellent way to determine that it needs cleaning. Never pay for what you aren’t getting.

Similarly, if it switches on and off, it may require gas filling to obtain its previous performance mark. All aircon cleaning services entail gas filling as a critical aspect of the job.

Different types of Aircon Cleaning Services

The market is replete with aircon cleaning services of all types. These are curated and tailored to suit every consumer’s need, no matter the intricacies. Therefore, knowing the type you need can be an excellent way to start.

Aircon simple cleaning

As the most affordable cleaning method, it requires only water and detergent to get the job done. Due to its simplicity, it doesn’t take a long time as the parts just need to be rid of dust and dirt.

However, it is not recommended if you are eyeing a solution to also eliminate bacteria and other harmful agents from the air. Similarly, an aircon that has never received servicing before may not benefit from it a lot.

Aircon chemical cleaning

Aircon chemical cleaning approaches servicing more aggressively. It uses alkaline and acidic solutions to rid stains that may stem from extensive use. Sometimes, the entire AC needs to be taken down to another place for this type of cleaning.

Aircon chemical cleaning is dependent on the type and quality of chemicals used, as they must be certified and legitimate. It removes microscopic agents such as bacteria, and all the dirt particles, causing the performance to improve massively.

Acidic chemicals have a more aggressive nature, due to which they are recommended to remove stubborn dust. However, as acids are highly corrosive, you need to ensure that they don’t damage your AC parts.

On the other hand, alkaline chemicals are milder, making them more suitable for the AC and its parts.

Aircon chemical cleaning is the best way to elevate your aircon’s performance as it offers the best of both worlds; cleaning and efficiency. It will even remove foul smells and odors, making your air refreshing to breathe.

Aircon Steam Cleaning

It uses water vapors to rid of accumulated dirt. The heat is enough to kill germs and bacteria while removing stains. Its most significant advantage is that it doesn’t damage any parts of the AC, making it highly reliable and effective in service.

Factors You Need to Consider in AC Cleaning

  • It should be a reliable and authentic company
  • The technician must be skilled and knowledgeable
  • Cleaning must not damage your AC parts.
  • In chemical cleaning, there must remain no foul smells and odors.

Choosing the Best Company for Aircon Chemical Cleaning

The market is flooded with companies offering aircon cleaning services, and, many times, they can seem to be copying each other or having precisely the same expertise. As a result, choosing the best aircon chemical overhaul company can be challenging and overwhelming.

However, we will be your mentor in helping you make your decision! Bacteria and germs present in your AC can be detrimental to your health as they cause respiratory and skin diseases. The best aircon chemical overhaul company will ensure that no presence of such microbes remains in your aircon.

The best company will also offer the choice to either dismantle all parts or dismantle partial parts of your AC. This depends on the specifics of the work, but indeed it reflects the company’s expertise.

Moreover, the aircon chemical overhaul company must have prior knowledge and experience in the job. You don’t want someone new without any on-hand experience to play around with your money!

Their workflow must include using either of the two types of chemicals and sanitizing agents to cover everything comprehensively.

Important Factors Must Be Consider During Aircon Chemical Overhaul

  • The company must be reliable and experienced
  • They must use certified and authentic products
  • Must offer the option to use either alkaline or acidic solutions
  • Should be experts in the field

Aircon Cleaning Vs. Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Normal aircon cleaning

It is the more straightforward method of servicing in which water and detergents are used to remove the accumulated dirt. Various parts such as filter, temperature system, temperature and pressure gauges, condensers, and pipes are adequately washed.

As it is a more straightforward way, it may help you get rid of clogged dirt, but some issues may sustain. Germs and bacteria may still be present. However, these negatives is compensated by the affordability it offers.

Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Instead of merely relying on water and detergent, this type of cleaning focuses on acidic and alkaline solutions to remove agents such as bacteria.

The parts are dismantled to reach even the deepest crevices. Everything from the condenser, to coils to fans to air filters is washed thoroughly to get rid of dirt particles and other stains. As a result, this type of cleaning targets parts unreached by regular servicing.

The dismantled parts are then submerged in the solution for some time, and once cleaned, they are put back. The air quality gets improved while the solution also reduces the chances of corrosion.

Saying no to it may result in more significant wear and tear, as the stains remain present and damage the product. Moreover, it is also more expensive and time-taking than routine servicing as it requires greater attention to detail. The company’s expertise is also tested on a larger scale.


To cap it all, aircon cleaning services in Singapore are more accessible than ever before, as their demand has been high. Everyone wants to secure his investment in the long run, and aircon cleaning does precisely that with your AC. Servicing does and will help you save valuable money! This blog has guided you on everything you needed to know about, and now you hold the key to your decision.

How to Save Money on Aircon Prices in Singapore

The air conditioner has become an essential part of Singapore’s life due to the hot and humid weather. Air conditioners are not just providing us with a cooling and comfortable environment to work or rest. It also improves air quality, which results in better health. Air conditioners can filter all the dust, dirt, pollution, and toxic partial from the air. The improved quality of air will keep us safe from suffering asthmas and harmful allergies.

As air conditioners are an unavoidable necessity of life, buying the right system can help you save money on air conditioner sale price and monthly power consumption.

The bellow guide will help you decide how to get benefit on air conditioner sale price and utility bills:

Different brands price comparison

Do not just follow the salesman and home contractors’ instruction as they work for commission as a percentage of air conditioner sale prices. Do your research and compare the air conditioner sale price and qualities of all available brands in the market. Select one with the best quality and reasonable price.

A lower AC capacity may be cheaper, but it will increase energy use and reduce the device’s life span. It is imperative to choose an air conditioner whose cooling capacity is right at a fair cost to get the best cooling for your room.

Calculate BTU required fit to your room.

British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a stander used to measure energy internationally. The selection of the right air conditioner depends upon the right information. Before the selection of an air conditioner, establish how many BTUs are required. This means that when you purchase an air conditioning system, considering the size of the room and matching BTU specifications to the room’s size is very critical.

Using low capacity in the bigger room will not effectively cool the room and increase energy costs. Similarly, higher BTU capacity will adversely affect walls, wallpaper, or wooden floor due to a faster decrease in temperature than humidity level.

Energy efficiency rating comparison

The higher the star ratings of an AC, the lower the energy it utilizes. But, it does not mean that you should always go for an AC ranked 5-star. The decision should be based primarily on your pattern of use. If you use AC just for two, three hours, go for 3 stars, and if usage is full night, chose 5 stars to make a worthwhile difference to your electricity bill.

Always run your AC at cost-effective modes.

 Air Conditioner Sale

Operating AC on the right mod can help you save money by reducing your electricity bills and maintenance costs. Choosing the right temperature, setting the right fan speed is also essential. You want to find the right balance between coolness and airflow, which will prevent your room from having cold or warm spots.

Choose the best OEM retailer.

A significant amount of your monthly electricity bills are related to aircon, especially if you have several aircon units at home, and they’re all turned on during the night.

You need to understand how SP Control sets quarterly tariff rates and what factors lead to price volatility before selecting an OEM retailer. Then you can choose the strategy that best fits how your household uses power.

To select the best AC, let see the different options available.

Different Types of Air Conditioners Available in Market

There is a significant demand for aircon sales Singapore and many brands available in the market, which may vary in design and functionality. As the user’s needs are different, like houses, offices, and factories, so based on need, different systems are available with different features. Let’s see below some of the air conditioner type available and their pros and cons.

Central Air Conditioner:

This form of air conditioning is best for you if you have a big home and cool several rooms at once. A central AC unit uses a split system that controls air through ducts installed in your home. It is classified as a ducted device as well.

Advantages of Central AC System

  • It cools all rooms connected to ducts at once, creating in a minimum time a more relaxed & controlled atmosphere around the building.
  • Because cool air circulates in all rooms, moisture around the house is reduced, making the overall atmosphere more comfortable.

• Disadvantages of a central AC system

  • It uses a significant amount of electricity, contributing to higher energy bills.
  • Such units, if a problem occurs in the ducts, can lose efficiency & effectiveness.

Ductless Mini-Split

If you want better quality or want to do away with a lot of ducting, or you want to cool a part of your house, then it’s a perfect option to opt for a ductless mini-split air conditioner.

Advantages of ductless mini-splits:

  • Without hassle and ductwork, it can easily be mounted anywhere.
  • It can independently regulate each room’s temperature.

Disadvantages of ductless mini-splits:

  • For cooling large homes, a single ductless mini-split unit is not enough.
  • Since the ductless mini-split indoor unit is wall-mounted, it will thus be visible to the naked eye.

Window Air Conditioner:

Since they come in various sizes, whether you are looking to cool a single room or a small area, they would be suitable. You can also cool a small home if you go for an oversized window air conditioner, given that it is a single story or an open space.

Advantages of Window ACs:

  • They are easy to install
  • Have competitive price
  • Easy to maintain.

Disadvantages of Window ACs:

  • Making too much noise& are visible from outside of the home.
  • They block the view from a window and have to be placed near an acceptable electrical outlet.

Portable Air Conditioner

If you want temporary space cooling, or where it is not feasible to mount a window or split air conditioner, you can select a portable air conditioner. They are handy, and it is also possible to use smaller models for kennels or bathrooms.

Advantages of portable ACs are:

  • Move to anywhere.
  • No requirement for permanent installation.

Disadvantages of portable ACs are:

  • Noisy during operation.
  • Low efficiency if the room is more extensive.

Dual Fuel Air Conditioner

 Air Conditioner Sale

The heat pump works when it works during the summer season, taking hot air from inside your home and tossing it outdoors. This mechanism is reversed during the winters, and heat is spread throughout your house. The furnace kicks in when the temperature is too cold for a heat pump to work effectively.

Advantages of hybrid air conditioning:

  • Maximize comfort indoors and minimize energy bill costs.
  • Decrease your carbon footprint.

Disadvantages of hybrid air conditioning:

  • High initial configuration costs.
  • Breakeven can occur in the long term.

Smart Air Conditioner

Smart air conditioners are a form of IoT powered mini-split, window, or portable air conditioner. These ACs are connected to WiFi and come with a native app that uses smartphones to provide global control.

Advantages of smart air conditioners:

  • Provide comfort
  • Convenience with numerous features.
  • Help save energy.

Disadvantages of smart air conditioners:

  • More expensive
  • To utilize all the features, WiFi connectivity is necessary

Geothermal Air Conditioning

This system has a piping system that consists of a loop between your house, a heat pump, and the ground that circulates water. To set up underground, they need extensive work.

Advantages of a geothermal AC system:

  • Energy saving.
  • Longer life than others

Disadvantages of a geothermal AC system:

  • Too much work for installation and requires space.
  • Very high setup cost.

Factors You Need to Consider in air conditioner sale:

Aircon for Sale

Whenever you need to purchase a new air conditioner, you need to consider the bellow four-factor for your selection. The perfect combination of these four factors is what we say a wise and rightful decision in terms of efficiency as well as in the price of aircon conditioner sale Singapore. The factors are as below:

  • Budget:Budget is the primary driver for your home or office air conditioning system selection.
  • Energy consumption:Ensure that an energy-efficient air conditioning system is purchased, which will help reduce the electricity bills.
  • Space Requirements & Maintenance:Your decision to choose one depends on your requirement for space, the allocated budget, and ease of use, along with ease of maintenance.
  • Cooling Power:To efficiently consume power, you must look for an AC that is acceptable for the size of your room.

Choosing the Best AC for Your Home

Take a look at the tips you can keep in mind to pick the right AC for your home in order to maximize the benefits you will enjoy.

Important Factors To Choose the Best Type of Air Conditioner for Your Home

  • Consider the major highlights of the system.
  • Always prefer to buy system using the latest technology.
  • Compare your need and cooling capacity of the air conditioner.
  • Consider buying an inverter AC for the best financial benefits.
  • Before deciding, check the AC’s energy efficiency.

Factors That Affect the Price of an Aircon in Singapore

Air conditioners are not one-size-fits-all, and that implies that their prices will differ greatly. Knowing the specifications and what a new AC unit costs will help you decide the best device for your home.

  • Installation Timing:While this does not likely affect the cost of the device, timing can be a big driver in what a new AC system costs for you.
  • System Efficiency:No surprise, but the size and efficiency of the units are a big factor in the overall cost of a system. It is more likely you are to pay upfront if your system is reliable.
  • Device Size & Power:A larger room requires a larger cooling capacity AC unit, and that comes with a higher cost. For a wider cooling area, plan to pay more. With that in mind, try cooling your whole home if you have to.
  • Maintenance Plans:Some devices come complete with maintenance plans that are ongoing. These systems tend to cost more upfront, like efficient systems, but can curb ongoing or long-term costs down the road.
  • Device Life Expectancy:Some AC systems, some even longer, will last for 10 to 15 years. To weigh the cost and continuing expenditures, it is necessary to consider longevity.

Reliable Guide to Avail Cheapest Aircon Service in Singapore

The hot and warm weather in Singapore makes it ever so important to have an aircon both in your home and office. Cooling down the atmosphere seems to be difficult without having an aircon in place. But even after you buy a good air conditioner, it is essential to maintain it, so it keeps on running for years.

Without regular aircon servicing, your aircon might stop working after a few years. However, with appropriate maintenance and repair, your aircon can be prevented from clogging, damage, and leakages. So stick with us in this guide if you are looking for the cheapest aircon service in Singapore.

Why is it necessary to service your aircon at least once a quarter?


The most important question is, how often should you get your aircon serviced? The minimum time to get an aircon serviced is once every six months, regardless of how often you use it. This ensures that your aircon is still working and does not break down when you want to use it the most.

Many people only turn their aircon on when they feel especially hot. This is the case for people in their 40s or older. Even if this is the case, you should still get your aircon serviced at least every half-yearly. This will ensure that the unit lasts for a more extendedperiod of time. Even if you don’t opt for a professional aircon service, you should at least take the filter out and wash it. This can be done very quickly by lifting the aircon flaps and taking the filters out.

Aircon servicing is recommended once a quarter for all those who use the aircon regularly. This will ensure that your aircon keeps on running at an optimal condition. Many aircon servicing companies offer quarterly contracts in order to provide efficient ad hoc service.

Signs you need to service your aircon


Here are some signs that show you need to get your aircon serviced as soon as possible:

1. Warm Air

If you feel a warm arm blowing out of the vents in your home, then it is a good practice to check the thermostat. You should make sure that it is switched to the cooling mode and set lower than the current temperature at your home. If your vents are still blowing hot, warm air, then there might be an issue with the compressor.

2.Insufficient airflow

Poor airflow is a common problem in aircon. This shows that the aircon is not working effectively, or there is a blockage preventing the air from moving across the home’s ductwork. Plus, a clogged air filter or a broken motor might also cause issues. In such cases, it is essential to get the aircon checked by a professional.

3.No routine cooling cycles

If your aircon’s cooling system seems to turn on and off more frequently on the hotter days, then there can be a significant problem in the unit. The aircon should only go through routine cooling cycles regardless of the weather.

4.Water Leakage

Aircons use refrigerant in order to cool the home. They might also produce condensation when operating. None of these liquids should accumulate in the aircon or leak through the unit. If you find any water leaking from the aircon, then it is a good sign that your cooling system is not working correctly.

What should be done to make your aircon last longer?


Besides regular maintenance and repair services, there are numerous other ways to extend the lifetime of your aircon. Some of them are highlighted below:

1. Give the aircon a rest

If the aircon runs continuously, then it will wear out way quickly. Therefore, it is important to turn the aircon off from time to time, so it can rest and stay in top-notch condition.

2.Clean the aircon unit

It is worth cleaning the aircon on a regular basis. Even with the required protection, your aircon needs regular cleaning services so it does not get dirty and clogs. This is particularly important if your aircon unit is outdoors. Cleaning the dust, leaves, and other debris will ensure that your aircon keeps working at an optimum condition.

3.Have regular tune-ups

With regular aircon tune-ups, you can prolong the life of your unit and keep it in excellent condition. Doing so will also ensure that you can deal with all the problems in the aircon before they even begin. The best time for the tune-up is usually springtime.

4.Clean the ducts

The air ducts can get clogged, preventing them from working appropriately. In such cases, it is crucial to clean the ducts and let the cool air pass through. With regular air duct cleaning, you can also improve the quality of the air coming into your home. This should be done usually once every year.

5. Change the filter

Changing the air filter is necessary in order to prevent the unit from clogging. This can be done by replacing the filters in the aircon unit and thus, improving the overall efficiency of the aircon.

How much does an aircon service cost?

Most aircon services cost between $164 and $549 in Singapore. Many house owners usually spent about $356 on average to get it repaired and maintained. However, companies offer their services at different prices. If you sign a quarterly contract with the company, the service might cost you less, as compared to getting an aircon service on cost per hour. Many contractors also offer discounts from time to time. On the other hand, the job required also dictates the price. For instance, aircon cleaning services cost less than a part replacement.

It is evident that regular aircon servicing is critical to keep your unit running. Without proper servicing, your aircon might run into various issues. Therefore, it is worth cleaning it from time to time, and in case it seems that there are significant issues in the aircon, then you should get it checked by a professional

All You Need To Know About Aircon Servicing In Singapore

Is aircon servicing a new concept for you when it comes to your air-conditioning system? Do you want to know everything about it? Here is the complete guide to help you understand its importance and how it can help you live a healthier life, maintaining your unit’s highest efficiency.

We’ll be covering a description of the aircon servicing price , and the features of the services that you should expect, along with some of the tactics to choose the best aircon servicing company. So, let’s start with the description of aircon servicing.

Aircon Servicing

Aircon serving is the servicing of your residential and commercial buildings’ air conditioning system so that you get the optimal environment to live and work in.

Step By Step Guide On Aircon Servicing:

Here is the step-by-step guide to understanding the different steps involved in the entire process of Aircon serving Singapore:

  1. Turn off your house’s power supply – this is the first step and works as a backup.
  2. Clean the aircon filter – you should clean the filters.
  3. Clean aircon’s condenser – you should clean the condenser completely.
  4. Level the aircon’s outdoor unit – make sure that the outdoor unit is leveled.
  5. Clean the aircon’s return air grill – washing can be used as the major technique for cleanliness.
  6. Fix the water pooling system – fix the pooling system for better efficiency
  7. Get professional help – if you think you can’t manage all these things on your own, you might want professional help from an expert aircon cleaning company.

You can get more details regarding the choice of the professionals in the later sections.

What Is Included in a General Aircon Servicing


If you think you need help from the professional aircon serving Singapore, here we are sharing a list of basic services covered in a general package that you get from the aircon serving company.

  1. Filter cleaning:
  2. Cleaning the filters with water is one of the services included in the package. Water cleaning ensures that you get cleaner and cooler air flowing through the system.

  3. Cleaning of the fan coil and blowers:
  4. The cleaning of the fan coil and blowers can improve productivity and performance efficiency, so you need it to maintain your aircon system’s best results.

  5. Checking the system gas:
  6. The drainage of 10% gas from the system yearly is an expected number. The aircon servicing Singapore recharges the system and ensures that everything is working perfectly.

  7. Aircon servicing best price & deals:
  8. Have you finally decided to get professional help from an aircon serving company? If yes, your next question should be related to the price. So, here we are sharing the details about the Aircon services price.

Aircon Servicing/Maintenance Price in Singapore:

The exact Aircon servicing price depends on the company you are hiring and the type of services you are expecting that company to deliver. Generally, you can choose any of the two contracts with the companies; these contracts include the one-time service contract and the regular ones.

In the one-time service, the unit’s rate with one AC is $40 – $60. It can vary with the number of ACs and the number of units you want to get serviced.

The contractual maintenance would cost you up to $120 – $150 for 1 unit as the aircon services provide the chemical wash services. The rates for one fan coil the aircon service price is $75 – $95. If you want more than one fan coil to be serviced, the rates are around $140 – $180. They keep on decreasing with the increase in the number of fan coils you want to get the service for.

How choose to Aircon specialist Company for servicing?


Now after knowing about the services that you would get from the aircon cleaning service and the piece that you should expect, here are some important things that you should consider for choosing the right company.

  1. Service quality:
  2. The important thing that you should consider is the service quality that the cleaning company would offer you. You would need the best to have an overview of the company you are hiring before making the final decision.

  3. Number of service features:
  4. Depending upon the size of the company you are approaching, the number of services might differ significantly. You should look at the company’s services to see if they are providing the exact service you are looking for.

    Besides, even if they provide one of the services but not the others, you might want to hire multiple service providers to get the complete work.

  5. Location of the company:
  6. You might be thinking that the company’s location wouldn’t be of much importance, as the service deliverers would be visiting your place. Still, in reality, the time for reaching your site, meeting the deadlines, etc., wouldn’t be that easy if the company you choose would be too far.

  7. Customer care support
  8. Customer care support is another important thing that you should be looking for. You won’t like to feel abandoned after you have set an appointment or got your work done. Efficient customer support is not only essential for better services but for a continuing long-term relationship too.

  9. Customer reviews:
  10. You can also look for the customer reviews that the aircon cleaning service has received. This will help you analyze the service level, customer support, and other aspects of the service they provide, thus making your decision worthwhile.

Comparison between Aircon Servicing & Aircon Cleaning

Aircon servicing and aircon cleaning are two different services that you can get for the air conditioning system. We’ll highlight the difference here to help you choose the right service.

Aircon servicing:

The aircon servicing is the air conditioners complete service, which includes proper washing of the air filters and deep cleaning of fan coils. This service helps maintain long-term cleanliness for the air filters and overall better productivity in terms of energy consumption.

Aircon cleaning:

Under this service, the service providers’ main purpose is to manage the regular maintenance of the air condition, which involves basic cleaning, dusting, and washing of the air filters. Routine maintenance can improve the cooling of the conditioner and can even extend the time for service.

The timing for getting both these services would depend on your air conditioners’ working and the overall environment in which they work.

Aircon serving can help you keep your air conditioners in the best condition to ensure higher productivity and better results. If you want Aircon services in Singapore, you can contact SG Aircon and get a comprehensive range of services to keep your air conditioner highly productive.