How to Save Money On Aircon Cleaning Services In Singapore

Aircon cleaning is one of those things that have been in vogue lately. This is because no one wants to pay for what they don’t deserve. If the aircon doesn’t work as it should or consumes substantial energy without delivering relevant results, then aircon cleaning becomes your only option to get rid of this. It is backed with statistics that aircon cleaning helps lengthen your product’s lifetime, keeping its value bracket open.

Aircon cleaning is as important as tuning your car; the air around you needs to be refreshing, while the aircon must benefit from its most optimal performance through servicing various parts. Let’s talk about it and see why!

When to acquire aircon cleaning services

Today, multiple aircon cleaning companies are doing the same job for you. However, it is crucial to know when to get your hands-on with those.

If your aircon runs continuously without intervals, then most probably you need to get aircon cleaning services. This is because an optimal working aircon is tuned to stop working once a particular level of temperature has been reached.

Over time, various parts are put under wear and tear through extensive use. This can result in noise that may become annoying. In this case, you need to acquire aircon cleaning services that will repair the worn-out parts and get things running back to normal.

Moreover, observing a drop in your aircon’s performance is also an excellent way to determine that it needs cleaning. Never pay for what you aren’t getting.

Similarly, if it switches on and off, it may require gas filling to obtain its previous performance mark. All aircon cleaning services entail gas filling as a critical aspect of the job.

Different types of Aircon Cleaning Services

The market is replete with aircon cleaning services of all types. These are curated and tailored to suit every consumer’s need, no matter the intricacies. Therefore, knowing the type you need can be an excellent way to start.

Aircon simple cleaning

As the most affordable cleaning method, it requires only water and detergent to get the job done. Due to its simplicity, it doesn’t take a long time as the parts just need to be rid of dust and dirt.

However, it is not recommended if you are eyeing a solution to also eliminate bacteria and other harmful agents from the air. Similarly, an aircon that has never received servicing before may not benefit from it a lot.

Aircon chemical cleaning

Aircon chemical cleaning approaches servicing more aggressively. It uses alkaline and acidic solutions to rid stains that may stem from extensive use. Sometimes, the entire AC needs to be taken down to another place for this type of cleaning.

Aircon chemical cleaning is dependent on the type and quality of chemicals used, as they must be certified and legitimate. It removes microscopic agents such as bacteria, and all the dirt particles, causing the performance to improve massively.

Acidic chemicals have a more aggressive nature, due to which they are recommended to remove stubborn dust. However, as acids are highly corrosive, you need to ensure that they don’t damage your AC parts.

On the other hand, alkaline chemicals are milder, making them more suitable for the AC and its parts.

Aircon chemical cleaning is the best way to elevate your aircon’s performance as it offers the best of both worlds; cleaning and efficiency. It will even remove foul smells and odors, making your air refreshing to breathe.

Aircon Steam Cleaning

It uses water vapors to rid of accumulated dirt. The heat is enough to kill germs and bacteria while removing stains. Its most significant advantage is that it doesn’t damage any parts of the AC, making it highly reliable and effective in service.

Factors You Need to Consider in AC Cleaning

  • It should be a reliable and authentic company
  • The technician must be skilled and knowledgeable
  • Cleaning must not damage your AC parts.
  • In chemical cleaning, there must remain no foul smells and odors.

Choosing the Best Company for Aircon Chemical Cleaning

The market is flooded with companies offering aircon cleaning services, and, many times, they can seem to be copying each other or having precisely the same expertise. As a result, choosing the best aircon chemical overhaul company can be challenging and overwhelming.

However, we will be your mentor in helping you make your decision! Bacteria and germs present in your AC can be detrimental to your health as they cause respiratory and skin diseases. The best aircon chemical overhaul company will ensure that no presence of such microbes remains in your aircon.

The best company will also offer the choice to either dismantle all parts or dismantle partial parts of your AC. This depends on the specifics of the work, but indeed it reflects the company’s expertise.

Moreover, the aircon chemical overhaul company must have prior knowledge and experience in the job. You don’t want someone new without any on-hand experience to play around with your money!

Their workflow must include using either of the two types of chemicals and sanitizing agents to cover everything comprehensively.

Important Factors Must Be Consider During Aircon Chemical Overhaul

  • The company must be reliable and experienced
  • They must use certified and authentic products
  • Must offer the option to use either alkaline or acidic solutions
  • Should be experts in the field

Aircon Cleaning Vs. Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Normal aircon cleaning

It is the more straightforward method of servicing in which water and detergents are used to remove the accumulated dirt. Various parts such as filter, temperature system, temperature and pressure gauges, condensers, and pipes are adequately washed.

As it is a more straightforward way, it may help you get rid of clogged dirt, but some issues may sustain. Germs and bacteria may still be present. However, these negatives is compensated by the affordability it offers.

Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Instead of merely relying on water and detergent, this type of cleaning focuses on acidic and alkaline solutions to remove agents such as bacteria.

The parts are dismantled to reach even the deepest crevices. Everything from the condenser, to coils to fans to air filters is washed thoroughly to get rid of dirt particles and other stains. As a result, this type of cleaning targets parts unreached by regular servicing.

The dismantled parts are then submerged in the solution for some time, and once cleaned, they are put back. The air quality gets improved while the solution also reduces the chances of corrosion.

Saying no to it may result in more significant wear and tear, as the stains remain present and damage the product. Moreover, it is also more expensive and time-taking than routine servicing as it requires greater attention to detail. The company’s expertise is also tested on a larger scale.


To cap it all, aircon cleaning services in Singapore are more accessible than ever before, as their demand has been high. Everyone wants to secure his investment in the long run, and aircon cleaning does precisely that with your AC. Servicing does and will help you save valuable money! This blog has guided you on everything you needed to know about, and now you hold the key to your decision.