Aircon Chemical Wash & Cleaning in Singapore

Sgairconzone has a vision with a mission, to be the number one air conditioning company in Singapore. We believe in professionalism and cater to the needs of our customers. We are well known for new aircon installations of branded e.g., Panasonic, Mitsubishi, L.G., Toshiba, Daikin, Starmex, York, Midea, as well as cheap aircon available from our online store at reasonable rates.

Our team of engineers surveys and assesses your needs and provides expert air-con installations in residential as well as commercial establishments, e.g. offices, shops, hospitals, schools, hotels/restaurants etc.

High Quality Aircon Cleaning Service that you can’t possibly find anywhere else

While installation our esteemed clients get superior quality materials. We furnish thicker insulation to prevent heat loss, thick copper pipes for preventing a gas leak, copper wires to withstand the overload of current and last but not the least, quality drainage pipes preventing choking/less water leakages.

Cool installations are helpful in a long term warm trustworthy relationship with our customers. We proudly offer our clients the specialized monitoring, maintenance and repair services to keep the aircon running smoothly, by providing a comprehensive planned maintenance service of different methods and techniques to clean aircon.

By keeping it regularly serviced prevents expensive repairs and increases its efficiency. So leave it to our support team to carry on with a routine check from time to time rather than replacing it with a new one.



A support team of dedicated technicians provides aircon chemical cleaning in general service for maintenance at regular intervals of 3 months. But a prolonged use of aircon invites dust, mould and bacteria to accumulate in the unit. The unit falters, resulting in blockage of drainage pipe and that’s the reason high pressure aircon chemical wash is recommended once a year.

The main culprit for any aircon to malfunction is dust and if your unit has not been serviced then it results in the foul smell, air flow is not smooth and the vents are choked. That’s the time our technicians have to dismantle the unit and restore the smooth functioning with a chemical overhaul cleaning in order to improve its performance.

We Always Put Customer Satisfaction First In Line

Before you invest in a new aircon, start investigating for a reliable aircon troubleshooting repair & services. You have a problem and we have the solution at Sgairconzone. We keep our promises by providing clean and cool air for your near ‘n’ dear ones.

Improve Efficiency Of Your Aircon With Chemical Overhaul

Regular service of the aircon helps to keep your aircon working well and giving you the desired cooling. Though aircon cleaning is done during the periodical servicing, it will not clean all the areas of the unit. There may be places that cannot be easily reached during normal cleaning. Dust and dirt will continue to accumulate in these areas. This will result in a reduction in the cooling that you get. Other problems like a bad smell, excessive noise, and water leakage will also start. In such a situation an aircon chemical overhaul is the solution.

In this process, the aircon will be dismantled and each part cleaned with chemicals. When aircon cleaning is done in this detailed manner, it will ensure that dirt from all the nooks and corners of the unit are completely removed. The filters, blowers, drain pipe and the fan are cleaned using different chemicals suitable for them. After cleaning with chemicals, the parts are rinsed with water and dried. This will prevent any corrosive effect of these chemicals on the aircon parts. The aircon chemical overhaul will improve cooling and resolve the other problems. This kind of cleaning must be done at least once a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the most common questions asked regarding our aircon chemical cleaning services. Feel free to contact us in case of another query.

A chemical wash basically requires a professional technician to deconstruct the aircon unit for cleaning the coils, water trays, and air filters using a chemical solution.


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