Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Aircon Plays a Huge Role Every where

We are no stranger to the massive role aircon plays in our everyday lives in Singapore. In fact, no meeting or event can be thought of without making proper arrangements for aircon. Considering the importance of aircon in Singapore, there has been a steady improvement in aircon servicing in Singapore over the years as well.

Unlike in the past, the aircon service has got much improved and advanced now. At SG Aircon, Singapore, our team of experts consistently strive to cover every single technical complexity or trouble that you may possibly face with your aircon and this actually, keeps us at a better and dependable position to fix your aircon related problem with just a slight of hand every time.

One Stop Solution To All Aircon Related Requirements

Our air conditioning service can help you have an outstanding aircon experience in all aspects. Our aircon service comprises:

  • One time aircon servicing and maintenance
  • Yearly aircon Servicing and maintenance
  • Aircon Chemical Cleaning
  • Aircon Fault Diagnosis
  • Aircon Circuit Board Repair
  • Repairing Service
  • Aircon sales and installation

SG Aircon, Singapore is a perfect place for your every single aircon related requirement. A lot of people have found our services extremely useful and this has eventually helped us attain to a very reliable position. Also, we try to reach comprehend the requirement of our customers the best we can and this, in turn helps us create a magical results.

Effective Aircon Services At An Unimaginably Cheap Price

Our Aircon cleaning is believed to the best in the entire Singapore and we received a lot of appreciation for it as well. Our Aircon chemical cleaning can accentuate the performance of your aircon to a large extent. If we see it from the customer’s point of view, Our Ac service is perhaps the most effective service yet cheap and affordable.

You can’t possibly find such an effective service at such an aircon servicing price anywhere else and if you are wondering as to why we are offer our services at such a low price, it is because, we want everyone to capitalize on our service and get huge benefited by it. In fact a lot of people, after having tried our service once had fallen in love with it to such an extent that they call us for every small and big aircon related trouble or complexity.

Looking for the cheapest aircon service in Singapore is never a bad idea but one should not compromise with the quality of the service for the sake of saving some small amount of money. Our aircon sales and installation service is equally popular all over the Singapore where in we bring you aircon from the world’s top notch brands at an unimaginably low price. As a matter of fact, no other Company had tried to deal with aircon in such a comprehensive way ever before.


Also, we care to offer you what you actually need which is, of course not an easy job but a whole lot of credit goes to our research team that persistently work to figure out your actual requirement and that, subsequently helps us reach you out with the kind of service or solution that you had been looking for. This gives us a leading edge over our competitors. We believe we would consistently be able to perform well and something that has been always greatly helpful in this regards in none other than our deep understanding of our customers.

We have certainly come a long way from where we had started once and thanks to our customers for making this journey a special one for us with their constant support and love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a pressing query regarding our air conditioning services? We have organized some commonly asked questions below for your convenience. In case you still have a query, you may contact us. We will be more than happy to support you.

All aircon needs servicing from time to time, so they can continue performing proficiently. One way to know if your aircon needs servicing or not is by determining its cooling performance. If your aircon takes longer than usual to cool the room to a specific temperature, then there might be a problem. Some aircon also tend to make excessive or unusual noises when they are not operating normally.

If your aircon also turns on and off in small intervals, then you will have to get it serviced. An aircon should be able to shut itself after running for a while and then turn on when the room starts to warm again. Continuous running of the aircon is a red signal. Plus, a decrease in the airflow from the aircon vent is also an obvious indication that servicing is needed.


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