All You Need To Know About Aircon Servicing In Singapore


Is aircon servicing a new concept for you when it comes to your air-conditioning system? Do you want to know everything about it? Here is the complete guide to help you understand its importance and how it can help you live a healthier life, maintaining your unit’s highest efficiency.

We’ll be covering a description of the aircon servicing price , and the features of the services that you should expect, along with some of the tactics to choose the best aircon servicing company. So, let’s start with the description of aircon servicing.

Aircon Servicing

Aircon serving is the servicing of your residential and commercial buildings’ air conditioning system so that you get the optimal environment to live and work in.

Step By Step Guide On Aircon Servicing:

Here is the step-by-step guide to understanding the different steps involved in the entire process of Aircon serving Singapore:

  1. Turn off your house’s power supply – this is the first step and works as a backup.
  2. Clean the aircon filter – you should clean the filters.
  3. Clean aircon’s condenser – you should clean the condenser completely.
  4. Level the aircon’s outdoor unit – make sure that the outdoor unit is leveled.
  5. Clean the aircon’s return air grill – washing can be used as the major technique for cleanliness.
  6. Fix the water pooling system – fix the pooling system for better efficiency
  7. Get professional help – if you think you can’t manage all these things on your own, you might want professional help from an expert aircon cleaning company.

You can get more details regarding the choice of the professionals in the later sections.

What Is Included in a General Aircon Servicing


If you think you need help from the professional aircon serving Singapore, here we are sharing a list of basic services covered in a general package that you get from the aircon serving company.

  1. Filter cleaning:
  2. Cleaning the filters with water is one of the services included in the package. Water cleaning ensures that you get cleaner and cooler air flowing through the system.

  3. Cleaning of the fan coil and blowers:
  4. The cleaning of the fan coil and blowers can improve productivity and performance efficiency, so you need it to maintain your aircon system’s best results.

  5. Checking the system gas:
  6. The drainage of 10% gas from the system yearly is an expected number. The aircon servicing Singapore recharges the system and ensures that everything is working perfectly.

  7. Aircon servicing best price & deals:
  8. Have you finally decided to get professional help from an aircon serving company? If yes, your next question should be related to the price. So, here we are sharing the details about the Aircon services price.

Aircon Servicing/Maintenance Price in Singapore:

The exact Aircon servicing price depends on the company you are hiring and the type of services you are expecting that company to deliver. Generally, you can choose any of the two contracts with the companies; these contracts include the one-time service contract and the regular ones.

In the one-time service, the unit’s rate with one AC is $40 – $60. It can vary with the number of ACs and the number of units you want to get serviced.

The contractual maintenance would cost you up to $120 – $150 for 1 unit as the aircon services provide the chemical wash services. The rates for one fan coil the aircon service price is $75 – $95. If you want more than one fan coil to be serviced, the rates are around $140 – $180. They keep on decreasing with the increase in the number of fan coils you want to get the service for.

How choose to Aircon specialist Company for servicing?


Now after knowing about the services that you would get from the aircon cleaning service and the piece that you should expect, here are some important things that you should consider for choosing the right company.

  1. Service quality:
  2. The important thing that you should consider is the service quality that the cleaning company would offer you. You would need the best to have an overview of the company you are hiring before making the final decision.

  3. Number of service features:
  4. Depending upon the size of the company you are approaching, the number of services might differ significantly. You should look at the company’s services to see if they are providing the exact service you are looking for.

    Besides, even if they provide one of the services but not the others, you might want to hire multiple service providers to get the complete work.

  5. Location of the company:
  6. You might be thinking that the company’s location wouldn’t be of much importance, as the service deliverers would be visiting your place. Still, in reality, the time for reaching your site, meeting the deadlines, etc., wouldn’t be that easy if the company you choose would be too far.

  7. Customer care support
  8. Customer care support is another important thing that you should be looking for. You won’t like to feel abandoned after you have set an appointment or got your work done. Efficient customer support is not only essential for better services but for a continuing long-term relationship too.

  9. Customer reviews:
  10. You can also look for the customer reviews that the aircon cleaning service has received. This will help you analyze the service level, customer support, and other aspects of the service they provide, thus making your decision worthwhile.

Comparison between Aircon Servicing & Aircon Cleaning

Aircon servicing and aircon cleaning are two different services that you can get for the air conditioning system. We’ll highlight the difference here to help you choose the right service.

Aircon servicing:

The aircon servicing is the air conditioners complete service, which includes proper washing of the air filters and deep cleaning of fan coils. This service helps maintain long-term cleanliness for the air filters and overall better productivity in terms of energy consumption.

Aircon cleaning:

Under this service, the service providers’ main purpose is to manage the regular maintenance of the air condition, which involves basic cleaning, dusting, and washing of the air filters. Routine maintenance can improve the cooling of the conditioner and can even extend the time for service.

The timing for getting both these services would depend on your air conditioners’ working and the overall environment in which they work.

Aircon serving can help you keep your air conditioners in the best condition to ensure higher productivity and better results. If you want Aircon services in Singapore, you can contact SG Aircon and get a comprehensive range of services to keep your air conditioner highly productive.