Aircon Chemical Cleaning Vs Aircon Overhaul – Best Advice of 2021


Aircon an essential appliance in our homes, helping us cope with hot and humid weathers. As the aircon is literally ‘life saviours in summers, the question here comes what steps should be taken to keep it efficient? When is the right time for cleaning it? Should you get professional help? What type of cleaning is the best, i.e., chemical cleaning or overhaul cleaning? Here you will get the best advice on cleaning of aircon.

Like every other machine, aircon also requires proper cleaning for efficient and long-lasting working. Excessive aircon use leads to dust and debris in air filters that block the airflow, thus reducing its efficiency. Also, the performance and expectancy of aircon may decline if it is not serviced timely. So aircon need to be serviced every once in a while.

Many believe that working declines as aircon become old; it’s mere a misconception. It doesn’t matter how old your air conditioner is; as long as you continue to take care of it and keep it clean, it will work with the same efficiency as when you first bought it. So, how can you even think about compromising the cleanliness of something that keeps you cool in severe hot weathers?

Some Important Facts About Cleaning Aircon

Here is why you need to get air conditioners cleaned by professionals once or twice a year.

  • Increase performance
  • Reduce stress and pressure on the machine.
  • Increase the life span of air conditioners
  • Cool and quality air
  • Low maintenance cost

Singapore’s weather is mostly hot throughout the year, which is proportional to the load on aircon. It’s better to get your air conditioners monitored by technicians every 2-3 months to avoid complications.

There are two ways to maintain/clean aircon, the selection of which depends on your aircon condition.

  • Aircon chemical cleaning
  • Aircon overhaul

SG aircon zone has professional staff who will guide you about which service do you need. Now, Let’s take a look at each method to better understand them.

About Aircon Chemical Cleaning


Aircon chemical cleaning refers to the process that involves using specific chemicals to clean various parts, i.e., fan coils, air filters, and water trays. The parts are dismantled to remove all dust and other accumulated material properly, which then improves air quality. For aircon chemical cleaning, you seek professional help.

How is Aircon Chemical Cleaning Different from Regular Cleaning?

Regular cleaning involves cleaning the outer parts of the aircon rather than separating parts and using chemicals to clean them.

When to Get Aircon Chemically Cleaned?

For better working and results, chemical cleaning should be done at least twice a year. It will also increase the life of your aircon.

Pros & Cons

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of chemical cleaning.


  • Better Quality of Air

We know that chemical cleaning results in removing any unwanted dust particles, mould, and bacteria present in the air filters and compromising the quality of air. Once cleaned, the quality of indoor air is improved.

  • Save Electricity Bills

Maintenance of your aircon will save you a lot on electricity bills. This is because the clean aircon slows down the airflow as they don’t have any build-ups.

  • Increase the Life of Air Conditioner

Regular servicing keeps the parts free from unwanted materials, and the parts of the machine are also inspected. This inspection ensures the proper functioning of all parts, so your aircon works seamlessly.

  • Better Cooling

For better cooling, it is necessary to keep aircon cleaned. The cooling is also affected sometimes when the system is not used for long periods.

  • Free of Corrosion

Chemical cleaning also keeps the machine corrosion-free which helps it to function normally for years.



  • Time-Consuming

The aircon chemical cleaning consumes plenty of time as the su=ystem is wholly shut for proper cleaning.

  • No Repairing Involved

This method only focuses on keeping your aircon clean; if your aircon have any damaged parts, chemical cleaning will not cover it.

  • Use of Harmful Chemicals

Some people are allergic to chemicals, and the use of chemicals in the house can lead to severe allergic reactions leading to rash, irritation and breathing problems.

  • Professional Help

You can’t do it by yourself at home as it requires the use of harmful chemicals.

About Aircon Overhaul

Talking about aircon overhaul, it is a two-in-one. It refers to a method that involves servicing as well as repairing. The parts of the machine are dismantled and cleaned. Then the professionals check if there is any part that needs fixing for better working.

So, if your aircon is making sounds, not cooling enough, leaking water from pipes, or stopping working altogether, it would be best if you went for an aircon chemical overhaul.

It is advised to get chemical overhaul cleaning once a year.

Pros & Cons

Here are the pros and cons of aircon chemical overhaul


  • Refreshing and Clean Air with Better Cooling

The purpose of cleaning is to get air free of dirt and harmful microorganisms. After filters are cleaned, we get fresh and high-quality air.

  • Long-Lasting Life

Regular cleaning eliminates the chance of malfunctions, thus increases the life of your unit.

  • Lesser Bills

Overhaul ensures your system work with higher efficiency, which saves your electricity and ultimately your money.

  • Repairing or Replacement of Worn-Out Parts

An overhaul is a thorough inspection of your unit. In case there is any damage or replacement is required in your unit, it is fixed immediately.

  • Enhance Performance and Durability

An overhaul is done to ensure your system works smooth and problem-free.

  • No More Condensation Issues

Condensation mainly occurs due to overheating, and once you get services of chemical overhaul, you won’t have to deal with condensation problems anymore.



  • Professionals Required

Only qualified and trained persons can do this job.

  • Time-Consuming & Costly

As this process involves maintaining every possible issue of aircon, so it takes a longer time. Similarly, the rates are somewhat higher than chemical cleaning.

  • Hazardous Chemicals

Chemicals are used for cleaning, and these harmful chemicals can have detrimental effects on some people’s health. It may cause allergic reactions.

Aircon Chemical Cleaning Vs Aircon Overhaul?

After reading the pros & cons of chemical cleaning and overhaul cleaning, you can now make an informed decision. Both ways have their benefits, after which you can expect your aircon to be as good as new. However, if you can’t decide, our skilled and trained staff is here to assist you. What’s essential is that neglecting the cleaning of your machine will cost you badly, and it is a wiser choice to get your aircon cleaned by professionals.

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