Importance of Aircon Chemical Cleaning?

Have you been feeling hot even when your air-con system should have chilled your room? Well, each one of us faces this situation now and then, especially in the summer season. It is mostly an indication that your aircon system has problems, and you need to hire an aircon cleaning company to solve the issue.

But before you hire a professional cleaning service, you must also know the reasons that could be causing and the steps that a professional company would take to resolve the issue, and the ultimate benefits you would get.

Benefits of Aircon chemical cleaning:

By getting the aircon chemical cleaning services for your aircon system, you should be expecting cleaner air flowing through the ducts and pipes, making the overall environment safe and healthy for you.

Besides, the aircon chemical cleaning services can ensure that the entire air cooling mechanism you are switching on your air conditioning system is appropriately fulfilled. That means you will get the cool temperature to enjoy your summer season.

How Aircon Cleaning Differ from Aircon Chemical Cleaning


In simple aircon cleaning, the dust from the units is brushed off with water to get rid of the accumulated dirt in the air filters and pipe. This cleaning can help clean the filters visibly, and a performance improvement is also seen, but it is not perfect.

In aircon chemical cleaning, the air filters are cleaning using the chemical compounds. This sort of cleaning ensures that the germs in the air filters and other pipes around are also killed up to some extent; the removal of dirt is done better, and the results of aircon chemical cleaning last longer in comparison to the simple aircon cleaning.

Basic Need for Aircon Chemical Cleaning:

The aircon chemical cleaning’s basic need often arises when the aircon system is fully chocked with no cool air but excessive bills in place. If this setting continued for more extended periods, there would be higher chances that your entire cooling system would face higher pressure, which may lead to its complete failure. Besides, excessive billing is another problem that drains away all your money, and you still won’t get the cool air.

To handle all these issues, aircon chemical cleaning is one of the best solutions that you have. The best part is that you can efficiently execute this cleaning method with professional aircon cleaning services.

How to clean AC on your own at home?

If you think your AC does not require a deep cleaning or if you can manage the entire process on your own, then here we are sharing the complete method of cleaning your AC.

First thing first, remove the main electric supply for your AC before taking any further steps. Once it is done, remove the AC’s front panel, after which you’ll see the air filters. The air filters are removable as well.

Use a toothbrush on the surface below these filters to remove dirt. This surface is known as an evaporator and often absorbs the dust and other air contaminations when it passes through this chamber.

After cleaning the evaporator with a toothbrush, use a cloth to clean the dust. Besides, also clean the air filters with water. You can wash them by putting them under the tap. Once done, place the filters back in position and close the main panel.

Put on the main supply and enjoy the cool and clean air from your AC.

How vital is aircon cleaning?


As discussed earlier, a clean aircon system means cleaner and healthier air. So, you can’t let go of the fact that the environment you breathe in should be clean to maintain good health. To ensure this, you need a clean aircon. The dirt and germs in the aircon system can create respiratory issues and other such illnesses as well. So, to avoid all of them, aircon cleaning gets very important.

Aircon Chemical Wash Vs. Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Depending on the condition of your aircon system, you might get an aircon chemical wash or aircon chemical overhaul.

In the aircon chemical wash, the trained professional can clean the air filters, walls, and other possible equipment inside the aircon with a particular chemical compound. This chemical can remove molds as well, along with inhibiting further growth too. This, you can expect a cleaner environment for a long time.

The chemical overhauls when the technicians go one step further and clean the heat exchange coils and drainage pipes with a particular chemical. Thus, you can expect your airconditioning system to be as good as the new one.

Employing the aircon chemical overhaul can save you from investing in the new parts of your air conditioning system once your AC has become old. Regular and proper cleaning can make every part to work perfectly fine. You will also be able to reduce the sounds that certain parts of your aircon system might generate after long-term usage.

How would you know that your aircon system needs a chemical wash or a chemical overhaul? The technician can only answer this question after accessing your AC condition. The experts can guide us further about the process and the frequency with which you need an overhauling of the entire system.

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What is Aircon chemical cleaning?

If you use your aircon regularly, then its performance might deteriorate over time. And the reason is simple – accumulation of dirt and dust. These substances gather in the filters and other components of the air conditioner, which not only influence its performance but also affect the life cycle.

Therefore, you must maintain your aircon properly. If you choose to ignore the problem, you might have to invest in repairs and even change the unit entirely. So it is always best to take precautionary measures. And one way to do so is chemical cleaning and washing. Let’s learn about these methods in detail.

What are steps followed in aircon chemical cleaning?

Aircon chemical cleaning involves taking each part of the aircon out of the unit and checking for the problems. Once the issues are diagnosed and fixed, the parts are cleaned thoroughly with chemicals. Firstly, the fan coil is removed from the wall and cleaned with the help of an appropriate chemical. Once it is cleaned, it is rinsed with cold water.

In this way, the coil can be protected from corrosion, which might occur because of the chemical. After the coil is cleaned, the fan bearings are greased. Then, internal air filters are chemically cleaned while the drainage pipes are passed through a chemical flush. Eventually, all of the components are fixed into the unit, ensuring that the aircon is running proficiently.

Here are some crucial steps involved in the aircon chemical wash:

  • Washing air filters, condenser coils, evaporator coils, blowers, and other parts using the appropriate chemical
  • Dismantling and evaluating the performance of the fan coil unit
  • Ensuring that all the significant electrical connections are appropriate with no loose wires
  • Checking the operations of critical parts of the aircon like the discharge pressure, the motor of the blower fan, and the compressor suction
  • Cleaning the front covers, as well as the panels, of the aircon.

Benefits of Aircon Chemical Wash


There are numerous benefits of getting an aircon chemical wash. Below we have highlighted some of the most important ones:

  1. Cleaning the dirt and dust from the aircon
  2. Filters easily get blocked with dirt and dust, causing unsanitary air to be circulated from the system to your surrounding. On the other hand, clogged filters can also prevent the free flow of air, which might put your system to work under enormous pressure. Eventually, your aircon will not only perform poorly, but it will also result in system break downs and return energy bills. In this way, aircon chemical wash can remove the dust and dirt from the unit, improve the quality of the air, and ensure your system works efficiently.

  3. Removing blockages
  4. The condenser in the aircon is responsible for facilitating heat exchange within the system. With this exchange, the air can be efficiently cooled. However, if the condenser is not cleaned efficiently, the blockages can make it challenging to maintain cold airflow. Fortunately, chemical cleaning makes it possible to remove all the internal, as well as external, blockages affecting the performance of the condenser. By cleaning the condenser, you can also prevent freezing in the aircon, which usually occurs when the air filter is dirty, the fan is not working correctly, or there are blockages in the air ducts.

  5. Maintaining the evaporator of the system
  6. The evaporator coils present in the aircon are very critical to ensure that the system is running efficiently. These coils can be cleaned easily using chemical washing, making sure that the dust and dirt buildup is removed. In this way, the coils can be avoidedby malfunctioning or breaking down.

  7. Identifying issues in the aircon components
  8. From the exterior, it may seem that the aircon is working correctly. However, a closer inspection helps in identifying critical issues much more appropriately. In this way, washing the system regularly can diagnose problems in the unit and ensure they get resolved. Some issues like leaking refrigerant need to be identified quickly, as they can be very harmful, especially for health. The technician can also ensure that other parts of the aircon such as the blower wheel and thermostat are working correctly.

Importance of Aircon Chemical Overhaul

Singapore is known for its warm climate. The conditions in the country eventually provoke the residents to rely on aircons, be it in their homes, offices, or cars. However, with the prolonged usage of aircon, many problems can arise in the system, such as noise and water leakage. These problems are mostly resolved with the help of chemical cleaning.

Here are some reasons for choosing an aircon chemical overhaul and wash.

  1. Preventing corrosion
  2. Extensive use of an aircon can make it challenging to reduce the damage caused by corrosion. Luckily, chemical overhaul can be beneficial in lowering fan oil corrosion and all the other related problems.

  3. Improving the appearance of the aircon
  4. By inspecting and cleaning the components of the aircon, you can get rid of all sorts of dust and dirt from the aircon. After all, why buy another unit when chemical wash can make your aircon look like just a new one?

  5. Protecting the aircon from further damages
  6. Just like any other technology, aircons might stop working in the long run. However, you can effectively improve the lifespan of your system with the help of a chemical wash. Problems like water leakage and blockage in the drainage systems can also be prevented at early stages.

Requirements of aircon chemical wash


Here are some indications when you might want to opt for aircon chemical cleaning:

  1. Leaking
  2. Your aircon might be leaking water in every run. This usually happens when there is backflow, and the drainage pipe has clogged up. In this case, chemical cleaning is a necessity.

  3. No cold air
  4. When ice accumulates in the condenser, the aircon is unable to generate enough cold air. If the fan coil is also dirty, then the aircon will produce warm air more than the cold one. In this regard, chemical cleaning can help restore the functioning of the aircon.

  5. Bad smell

With the accumulation of bacteria in the fan coil, the foul smell might be produced. This can be prevented with chemical cleaning as well.

How to choose a company for aircon servicing?

When opting for aircon servicing, it is necessary that you choose a suitable company. After all, there are many companies offering aircon services in Singapore. However, how can you trust a company, especially if you never availed these services? You should start by evaluating the brand image of the company.

Suppose you find positive reviews about the company online. Thus, it is likely that you will also have a good experience with the company. It is also crucial to see how accommodating the company is, which you see by reviewing the terms and conditions of its services, together with the customer service.

Most importantly, you should focus on your budget. A company might be perfect in every aspect, but can you afford its services? These considerations will help you in choosing the right company for aircon servicing.

Comparison b/w Aircon Chemical Wash & Aircon Chemical Overhaul

While aircon chemical wash and aircon chemical overhaul are both critical for your unit, there are considerable differences between both. A chemical wash basically involves removal of the dirt and dust from the aircon with the help of spray cleaning. This method is usually suitable if you want to increase the lifecycle of your system.

On the other hand, AC Service involving chemical overhaul is a more detailed assessment of the unit. It involves the technicians checking if the aircon’s parts are working. It also includes chemical washing of air filters, blowers, and coils, together with the removal of dirt and dust. In this regard, as the aircon becomes older, it is recommended to go for chemical overhaul, so it can continue to work optimally.

The minimum cost of aircon cleaning

Aircon cleaning services involving simple repairs usually cost anywhere from $75 to $590. However, suppose you want to get components like the drain pans, refrigerant, and fan motor fixed. In that case, the service can cost anywhere $240 or more. In this way, the price of the aircon cleaning definitely depends upon the condition of the unit and how much work is needed to fix it.

The number of aircon units being fixed also determine the total cost. In some instances, rates are determined by the hourly service provided over a week, for example, if you sign a contract for regular servicing with a company.

Is chemical cleaning part of aircon servicing?


Regular aircon servicing does not include chemical cleaning. Instead, it involves unclogging of the unit’s parts. On the other hand, advanced aircon servicing is far more complex, involving cleaning of parts like pressure gauges and the drainage system.

In The End

So do you have an aircon that is not working correctly? Do you feel it needs to be checked? Then, go ahead with chemical washing, which will improve the conditions of your aircon and also extend its life cycle.

Keep Your Family Healthy With Good Air Conditioning

Good air conditioning is an absolute necessity in Singapore. The country has a tropical climate which means that it is hot during most parts of the year. It is not easy working well when it is hot and humid. It can also make you ill if the heat is very high. Households with small children and old people certainly need air conditioning to keep them comfortable. But it is not enough to have an aircon in the house. It must also function properly so that you get the desired cooling. For this, you must keep the aircon serviced regularly. Like all appliances, your aircon also needs to be serviced regularly so that it functions properly. An aircon that is not regularly serviced will not provide the necessary cooling. Moreover, it is also likely to fail very often and requires to be repaired. Frequent repairs are expensive and not good for the appliance.

Finding A Good Aircon Repair Shop

It is not easy finding a good repair shop for your air conditioner. Many mechanics claim to do a good job, but you may find later that their claims are false. You must find a dependable company for your aircon repair so that your machine will function smoothly for long. A good mechanic can repair the machine with the least amount of damage to it. Reputed repairing companies will have trained mechanics who know the job well. They will also be equipped with the latest tools for the job. These companies will also use only genuine parts for the repair which will make sure that the life of your aircon is not cut short. These companies will also keep themselves updated with the mechanism of the most modern air conditioners.

The best way to find such an aircon repair service near you is to check with your neighbors. They may be able to guide you properly. You can also check the internet for aircon repair shops near you. You will be able to find out what services they offer and how well-equipped they are for the job. Find out if the aircon service center is capable of repairing your brand of aircon. One of the other important things to check is whether they work on holidays and weekends. You cannot wait for long with a failed aircon for the mechanic to turn up. Living in hot conditions for more than a few hours is traumatic.

Prevent Repairs And Diseases

All repairs cost money. One of the best ways to avoid frequent repairs is to keep your aircon cleaned regularly. You can go for aircon chemical cleaning services and ensure that the machine is cleaned properly. When the unit is cleaned regularly, the parts will function smoothly preventing frequent repairs. Regular cleaning of the machine will also make sure that you get the desired cooling. A clean air conditioner will function silently without disturbing your sleep. There will be no bad smell or dripping of water on to the carpets. The cleaning will remove all the dust and dirt from the aircon. When you have lesser repairs, you save a lot of money and have lesser downtime of the machine.

A dirty aircon is the best breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and viruses. When you don’t do the aircon cleaning services regularly these harmful germs may grow inside your unit. These can spread inside the room. You and your family will be breathing the air that contains these organisms. There is no doubt that this will result in sickness among your family members. It is more dangerous in homes with infants and old people. They are more prone to diseases. You may not even realize that the problem is due to an unclean air conditioner. The other dangerous effect of a dirty aircon is the growth of molds. Spores of mold can spread in the air and cause sicknesses. With a clean aircon, you are ensuring good air quality inside the home.

Save Money With Regular Servicing

Your aircon needs regular servicing to function properly. You could be losing a lot of money because of not servicing your aircon regularly. When your aircon has a lot of dust and dirt inside it, the filters will be blocked. This will prevent the smooth flow of air. That means that you will get only lesser cooling. The aircon will have to work more to give the desired cooling. When it works more it will consume more power. This will increase your power bill and force you to spend more money. When you do aircon servicing the unit will be completely cleaned facilitating the free flow of air and faster cooling. This will help you save a lot of money.

Get the Best Aircon Cleaning Services in Singapore

If you want your aircon to give its best performance then you must maintain it well. It is not enough to buy the best aircon brand available. You must service it regularly to get the best cooling from the unit. Many people don’t think that regular service is not required and will clean the machine only when there is any failure. Many even clean the filters themselves and don’t bother about calling the professionals to do the job. But many problems can arise because of this which you may not be able to see immediately. All aircon companies recommend that servicing of the unit must be done at least once in three months. This will ensure that the machine works perfectly and gives you the best cooling.

Prevent Frequent Failures and Extend The Life Of The Aircon

Imagine your aircon failing in the middle of a meeting with an important client. There is no doubt that the meeting will not end the way you wanted it to. The best way to prevent frequent failures of your aircon is to keep them serviced regularly. There are many moving parts in the aircon and dust can prevent the smooth functioning of these parts. When the unit sucks in air from outside, it also sucks in dust that will settle on all the parts preventing them from working smoothly. This is when your aircon fails. During the regular servicing, aircon chemical cleaning is also done in which different chemicals are used to clean the various parts of your unit making the function smooth.

An aircon is a big investment. This is especially true when you are buying many units for your office. You expect them to work well for a few years before replacing them. Only if they work for their full life will you be able to get your returns from the investment. But if you don’t keep the unit serviced regularly, the aircon will fail to function much sooner. It will not last for its lifetime and you may need to replace the unit. This is because the parts will wear off faster. When there are dirt and dust accumulated inside the aircon, the parts are likely to wear off faster. This will mean that you will need to replace the parts more often and also change the appliance itself too quickly. The aircon service company can do chemical cleaning of the unit and ensure that no dirt accumulates inside.

Avoid Many Problems with a Chemical Overhaul

Various problems can occur with your aircon. Sometimes it makes much more noise than it should. There are also instances when water drips from the aircon. This can damage the carpet on the floor. In some units, there is the problem of foul smell being spread. This will disturb the clean environment in the office. Molds will form inside the aircon where dirt mixes with moisture. Molds are dangerous for the health of your employees. Though the regular service cleans the unit completely there are still various places where dirt has accumulated. This can be cleaned only when you do the aircon chemical overhaul.

If you compare the chemical wash vs chemical overhaul it is a fact that both are required. While one is done more frequently, the other is done once a year. The chemical overhaul must be done once a year to make sure that all the parts of your aircon are completely cleaned. During this kind of cleaning, the technicians will dismantle the whole unit and clean every part with different chemicals as suitable. The drain pipe will be completely cleaned so that there is no water clogging inside the pipe. Water blockage will result in dripping of water from the aircon. When the molds and dirt are completely removed, there will be no more bad smell from the unit. When all parts are functioning smoothly the machine will perform very silently. With so many benefits you must make sure that you do the chemical overhauling at least once a year.

The best way to keep your aircon serviced regularly is to enter into a contract with the servicing company. They will conduct the regular service once in three months and make sure that the aircon chemical wash is conducted to clean all the parts. When you sign a contract with the company, you don’t have to worry about remembering the time to service your aircon. They will come at the right time and clean the machines. The servicing companies will also check the units for other problems when they do regular servicing. An aircon that is serviced well will function properly for many years. It will also keep your employees happy.

Get Best Performance with Aircon Chemical Cleaning Service in Singapore

When you invest in an aircon you expect it to give the performance that the manufacturers promise. An aircon is a necessity in Singapore and with the summer months just starting, your aircon must perform well. It is not possible to survive in this heat without a good aircon either at home or office. An aircon’s performance doesn’t depend only on the make or model. The other major factor that can influence the way it works, is the service that you do. Like all appliances, air conditioners must be serviced regularly. There are many problems if you don’t service the aircon apart from it not giving the required cooling.

Why Is Regular Service of Aircon Necessary

An aircon functions continuously and this means that regular service will help to keep the parts clean and working smoothly. It will also help you to know if any part is wearing out more than it should and if there is any problem with the appliance. Service companies don’t just do the service but also check all the parts for any defects. But the main part of the service that keeps your aircon functioning well is the aircon chemical cleaning. In this, the different parts of the aircon will be cleaned properly by using suitable chemicals. This will make sure that the dust and dirt that comes along with the air are removed completely.

When there is dirt inside the aircon the filters are bound to get clogged. This will prevent the free flow of air. This is why the cooling is less. When the cooling is less, the aircon will have to function longer to give you the desired temperature setting. This will increase the consumption of electricity. You will end up paying a huge amount as a power bill if you don’t do air conditioning services regularly. The other serious problem is that when the filters are clogged many harmful organisms will enter your home causing serious health problems to you and your family.

Improve Aircon Performance And Life

An aircon that is not being serviced regularly is bound to stop functioning very frequently. The performance of the machine will be much lower than normal. The other issues you face will be bad odor emanating from the aircon. This is due to the dust and dirt in the machine. There can also be water leaking inside your room that can damage your carpets. This happens because the drainpipe is also clogged with dirt. You will also hear excessive noise from the machine as the parts don’t work smoothly. Gets the aircon chemical cleaning in Singapore done regularly to avoid these problems.

When you service your aircon regularly you are also helping to improve its life. When regular cleaning is done, the parts will be working smoothly. This means that the wear and tear will be much lesser. This will give your machine a longer life. You will get the returns for what you invested in buying the aircon. Apart from regular servicing, you must also do aircon chemical wash at least once in a year. With this cleaning service, you will improve the performance and life of your appliance.

What Is the Aircon Chemical Wash Process

The aircon is cleaned using chemicals during the regular service, but there can dust that has accumulated in various nooks and corners that are not reachable easily. When you get the best aircon chemical wash done, the unit is completely dismantled and the very part is cleaned using the right chemicals. The technicians know what chemicals must be used for each part without causing any damage to them. When such cleaning is done you can be sure that every area of the unit is completely cleaned of dirt and harmful organisms.

Once the parts are cleaned, they are washed with water to remove any traces of the chemicals from remaining. This type of chemical overhauling must be carried out every year even if you are doing regular aircon servicing. It will help to keep the aircon functioning smoothly and also extend the life of the machine.

What Are The Main Steps To Be Taken For Keeping Your Aircon Clean And Hygienic?

Nowadays, It has been a tough task to protect ourselves from burning the summer season. The Air conditioner will surely be a solution to all summer problems and help us to save ourselves from the hot sun. It is designed professionally to keep our skin cool and also helps us to protect from skin burns, skin tanning and several other skin problem caused by heat. However, you need to do Aircon cleaning whenever it is necessary.

Types of Aircon available in the market and its advantages

The most reliable method to solve all kinds of summer problem is only through efficient aircon systems. There are various types of aircon systems available in the market such as Central Air Conditioning, Window air conditioners, Portable air conditioners, Geothermal heating and cooling, Hybrid air conditioner, Ductless, and mini-split air conditioner. You can choose the one which is suitable for your usage and if you find it difficult to choose the one suitable for your home, you can also seek the guidance of the aircon professional experts. You should also utilize aircon chemical wash to keep your air conditioner free from dust and allergens.

Difference between aircon chemical wash and aircon overhaul

The aircon chemical cleaning is one of the cleaning processes of your aircon system thoroughly by separating all the air conditioner parts like air filters, fan coils, and water trays and also inspecting them for any kind of problems. The disassembling is carried out since it might become difficult to detect the problem. Checking the individual aircon unit with full of concentration will surely help to deduct even the minor issues. After disassembling, these parts must be cleaned individually by utilizing chemical solutions. This type of cleaning is also known as the spring-cleaning of the aircon system and it would surely keep your air conditioner system in the good maintenance zone as well as it simply extends the lifespan of the object. Such type of chemical cleaning will be preventing the occurrence of the “sudden” breakdown. You must adopt the aircon chemical wash once in six months.

Aircon chemical overhaul is entirely different from the aircon chemical wash since it is used at times of  AC repairs or services. Your AC unit would show you a few indications such as the occurrence of loud noise, no effective cooling, sudden breakdown, and water leakage. In such cases, the unit must be subjected to the overhaul process that is a deconstruction of all the parts of the whole system. The parts of the AC would be cleaned as well as repaired thoroughly. In case of severe damages in parts, it might be replaced entirely. The experts of the HVAC system would give you suggestions regarding the subjection of your unit for an overhaul or chemical cleaning. The chemical haul will help you to clear dust or toxic gunk blockages in drain pipes, vents and it addresses the problems of the evaporator coil, air filters as well as fan bearing. Your system would work like a new one after undergoing the overhaul process.

The main steps carried out to perform Aircon cleaning

Here is a detailed explanation of the entire process of chemical cleaning. The first step of the chemical wash includes the dismantling of the fan coil carefully from the wall which would certainly lead to a thorough wash. The professional cleaners of the aircon system would use a type of chemical solvent for cleaning the fan coil which helps to emit the fresh and clean filtered air.

The fan bearings must be checked regularly and well-greased thoroughly for ensuring the quiet and smooth operation of any kind of air-con system with no existence of vibration and noise. The next level of cleaning process must be carried out in the internal fan and even the minute dust and debris must be removed properly.

The internal air filter is also subjected to wash and it would emit pure, clean and fresh air. The chemical cleaning of the air conditioning system is very important for people who are prone to sickness and sensitive to allergies. Apart from providing the fresh air, the clean internal air filter also supports the efficient energy running of the air conditioning system.

The main advantages of the air conditioning chemical cleaning

There are a few main benefits of taking up the aircon chemical overhaul and it is listed in detail.

  • The overall air conditioning system is rejuvenated thoroughly for removing any kinds of debris as well as dirt and it would eventually result in the effective cooling of the room.
  • The cleaning process would result in the air conditioner system to run smooth and noise-free.
  • Since the efficiency of the aircon system is improved, it would lead to less consumption of electric power.
  • It would mainly assist the aircon system to remove the leakages of water and hence provides the fresh air free from molds. Molds and bacteria would require a moist surface for their survival and there is no possibility of it when you take up the air conditioning system for the chemical cleaning process.