Get Best Performance with Aircon Chemical Cleaning Service in Singapore

Aircon Chemical Wash

When you invest in an aircon you expect it to give the performance that the manufacturers promise. An aircon is a necessity in Singapore and with the summer months just starting, your aircon must perform well. It is not possible to survive in this heat without a good aircon either at home or office. An aircon’s performance doesn’t depend only on the make or model. The other major factor that can influence the way it works, is the service that you do. Like all appliances, air conditioners must be serviced regularly. There are many problems if you don’t service the aircon apart from it not giving the required cooling.

Why Is Regular Service of Aircon Necessary

An aircon functions continuously and this means that regular service will help to keep the parts clean and working smoothly. It will also help you to know if any part is wearing out more than it should and if there is any problem with the appliance. Service companies don’t just do the service but also check all the parts for any defects. But the main part of the service that keeps your aircon functioning well is the aircon chemical cleaning. In this, the different parts of the aircon will be cleaned properly by using suitable chemicals. This will make sure that the dust and dirt that comes along with the air are removed completely.

When there is dirt inside the aircon the filters are bound to get clogged. This will prevent the free flow of air. This is why the cooling is less. When the cooling is less, the aircon will have to function longer to give you the desired temperature setting. This will increase the consumption of electricity. You will end up paying a huge amount as a power bill if you don’t do air conditioning services regularly. The other serious problem is that when the filters are clogged many harmful organisms will enter your home causing serious health problems to you and your family.

Improve Aircon Performance And Life

An aircon that is not being serviced regularly is bound to stop functioning very frequently. The performance of the machine will be much lower than normal. The other issues you face will be bad odor emanating from the aircon. This is due to the dust and dirt in the machine. There can also be water leaking inside your room that can damage your carpets. This happens because the drainpipe is also clogged with dirt. You will also hear excessive noise from the machine as the parts don’t work smoothly. Gets the aircon chemical cleaning in Singapore done regularly to avoid these problems.

When you service your aircon regularly you are also helping to improve its life. When regular cleaning is done, the parts will be working smoothly. This means that the wear and tear will be much lesser. This will give your machine a longer life. You will get the returns for what you invested in buying the aircon. Apart from regular servicing, you must also do aircon chemical wash at least once in a year. With this cleaning service, you will improve the performance and life of your appliance.

What Is the Aircon Chemical Wash Process

The aircon is cleaned using chemicals during the regular service, but there can dust that has accumulated in various nooks and corners that are not reachable easily. When you get the best aircon chemical wash done, the unit is completely dismantled and the very part is cleaned using the right chemicals. The technicians know what chemicals must be used for each part without causing any damage to them. When such cleaning is done you can be sure that every area of the unit is completely cleaned of dirt and harmful organisms.

Once the parts are cleaned, they are washed with water to remove any traces of the chemicals from remaining. This type of chemical overhauling must be carried out every year even if you are doing regular aircon servicing. It will help to keep the aircon functioning smoothly and also extend the life of the machine.