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Aircon Chemical Cleaning

If you want your aircon to give its best performance then you must maintain it well. It is not enough to buy the best aircon brand available. You must service it regularly to get the best cooling from the unit. Many people don’t think that regular service is not required and will clean the machine only when there is any failure. Many even clean the filters themselves and don’t bother about calling the professionals to do the job. But many problems can arise because of this which you may not be able to see immediately. All aircon companies recommend that servicing of the unit must be done at least once in three months. This will ensure that the machine works perfectly and gives you the best cooling.

Prevent Frequent Failures and Extend The Life Of The Aircon

Imagine your aircon failing in the middle of a meeting with an important client. There is no doubt that the meeting will not end the way you wanted it to. The best way to prevent frequent failures of your aircon is to keep them serviced regularly. There are many moving parts in the aircon and dust can prevent the smooth functioning of these parts. When the unit sucks in air from outside, it also sucks in dust that will settle on all the parts preventing them from working smoothly. This is when your aircon fails. During the regular servicing, aircon chemical cleaning is also done in which different chemicals are used to clean the various parts of your unit making the function smooth.

An aircon is a big investment. This is especially true when you are buying many units for your office. You expect them to work well for a few years before replacing them. Only if they work for their full life will you be able to get your returns from the investment. But if you don’t keep the unit serviced regularly, the aircon will fail to function much sooner. It will not last for its lifetime and you may need to replace the unit. This is because the parts will wear off faster. When there are dirt and dust accumulated inside the aircon, the parts are likely to wear off faster. This will mean that you will need to replace the parts more often and also change the appliance itself too quickly. The aircon service company can do chemical cleaning of the unit and ensure that no dirt accumulates inside.

Avoid Many Problems with a Chemical Overhaul

Various problems can occur with your aircon. Sometimes it makes much more noise than it should. There are also instances when water drips from the aircon. This can damage the carpet on the floor. In some units, there is the problem of foul smell being spread. This will disturb the clean environment in the office. Molds will form inside the aircon where dirt mixes with moisture. Molds are dangerous for the health of your employees. Though the regular service cleans the unit completely there are still various places where dirt has accumulated. This can be cleaned only when you do the aircon chemical overhaul.

If you compare the chemical wash vs chemical overhaul it is a fact that both are required. While one is done more frequently, the other is done once a year. The chemical overhaul must be done once a year to make sure that all the parts of your aircon are completely cleaned. During this kind of cleaning, the technicians will dismantle the whole unit and clean every part with different chemicals as suitable. The drain pipe will be completely cleaned so that there is no water clogging inside the pipe. Water blockage will result in dripping of water from the aircon. When the molds and dirt are completely removed, there will be no more bad smell from the unit. When all parts are functioning smoothly the machine will perform very silently. With so many benefits you must make sure that you do the chemical overhauling at least once a year.

The best way to keep your aircon serviced regularly is to enter into a contract with the servicing company. They will conduct the regular service once in three months and make sure that the aircon chemical wash is conducted to clean all the parts. When you sign a contract with the company, you don’t have to worry about remembering the time to service your aircon. They will come at the right time and clean the machines. The servicing companies will also check the units for other problems when they do regular servicing. An aircon that is serviced well will function properly for many years. It will also keep your employees happy.