What Are The Main Steps To Be Taken For Keeping Your Aircon Clean And Hygienic?

Aircon Cleaning Services

Nowadays, It has been a tough task to protect ourselves from burning the summer season. The Air conditioner will surely be a solution to all summer problems and help us to save ourselves from the hot sun. It is designed professionally to keep our skin cool and also helps us to protect from skin burns, skin tanning and several other skin problem caused by heat. However, you need to do Aircon cleaning whenever it is necessary.

Types of Aircon available in the market and its advantages

The most reliable method to solve all kinds of summer problem is only through efficient aircon systems. There are various types of aircon systems available in the market such as Central Air Conditioning, Window air conditioners, Portable air conditioners, Geothermal heating and cooling, Hybrid air conditioner, Ductless, and mini-split air conditioner. You can choose the one which is suitable for your usage and if you find it difficult to choose the one suitable for your home, you can also seek the guidance of the aircon professional experts. You should also utilize aircon chemical wash to keep your air conditioner free from dust and allergens.

Difference between aircon chemical wash and aircon overhaul

The aircon chemical cleaning is one of the cleaning processes of your aircon system thoroughly by separating all the air conditioner parts like air filters, fan coils, and water trays and also inspecting them for any kind of problems. The disassembling is carried out since it might become difficult to detect the problem. Checking the individual aircon unit with full of concentration will surely help to deduct even the minor issues. After disassembling, these parts must be cleaned individually by utilizing chemical solutions. This type of cleaning is also known as the spring-cleaning of the aircon system and it would surely keep your air conditioner system in the good maintenance zone as well as it simply extends the lifespan of the object. Such type of chemical cleaning will be preventing the occurrence of the “sudden” breakdown. You must adopt the aircon chemical wash once in six months.

Aircon chemical overhaul is entirely different from the aircon chemical wash since it is used at times of  AC repairs or services. Your AC unit would show you a few indications such as the occurrence of loud noise, no effective cooling, sudden breakdown, and water leakage. In such cases, the unit must be subjected to the overhaul process that is a deconstruction of all the parts of the whole system. The parts of the AC would be cleaned as well as repaired thoroughly. In case of severe damages in parts, it might be replaced entirely. The experts of the HVAC system would give you suggestions regarding the subjection of your unit for an overhaul or chemical cleaning. The chemical haul will help you to clear dust or toxic gunk blockages in drain pipes, vents and it addresses the problems of the evaporator coil, air filters as well as fan bearing. Your system would work like a new one after undergoing the overhaul process.

The main steps carried out to perform Aircon cleaning

Here is a detailed explanation of the entire process of chemical cleaning. The first step of the chemical wash includes the dismantling of the fan coil carefully from the wall which would certainly lead to a thorough wash. The professional cleaners of the aircon system would use a type of chemical solvent for cleaning the fan coil which helps to emit the fresh and clean filtered air.

The fan bearings must be checked regularly and well-greased thoroughly for ensuring the quiet and smooth operation of any kind of air-con system with no existence of vibration and noise. The next level of cleaning process must be carried out in the internal fan and even the minute dust and debris must be removed properly.

The internal air filter is also subjected to wash and it would emit pure, clean and fresh air. The chemical cleaning of the air conditioning system is very important for people who are prone to sickness and sensitive to allergies. Apart from providing the fresh air, the clean internal air filter also supports the efficient energy running of the air conditioning system.

The main advantages of the air conditioning chemical cleaning

There are a few main benefits of taking up the aircon chemical overhaul and it is listed in detail.

  • The overall air conditioning system is rejuvenated thoroughly for removing any kinds of debris as well as dirt and it would eventually result in the effective cooling of the room.
  • The cleaning process would result in the air conditioner system to run smooth and noise-free.
  • Since the efficiency of the aircon system is improved, it would lead to less consumption of electric power.
  • It would mainly assist the aircon system to remove the leakages of water and hence provides the fresh air free from molds. Molds and bacteria would require a moist surface for their survival and there is no possibility of it when you take up the air conditioning system for the chemical cleaning process.