Keep Your Aircon Serviced For Best Performance

Aircon Chemical Cleaning Services

Like any appliance, your aircon also needs to be regularly serviced to give the best performance. An air conditioner that is not serviced regularly will not give the cooling that you expect from it. Various other functions can go wrong when the aircon is not cleaned regularly. An aircon sucks in the air along with a lot of dust and other pollutants. These will get accumulated in the different parts of your aircon affecting its performance.

Many aircon servicing companies in Singapore can do an excellent servicing job. If you have many units of air conditioners in your office, it makes sense to enter into a contract with the aircon servicing companies. This will make it certain that your air conditioners are cleaned on time regularly. You don’t have to remember to clean each of the machines as the company will make a clear schedule and do the cleaning without your having to remind them.

Why Do You Need Regular Aircon Servicing?

Singapore has a tropical climate which doesn’t allow you to live without any aircon. This holds true when it comes to an office because the heat and humidity can reduce the energy levels of your staff and affect their productivity. This means that you must have all the aircon units working all the time. Any failure with even a single aircon can affect the temperature inside the office. When many people are working the heat level will also go up.

Keeping the aircon regularly serviced will ensure that they give you the desired cooling. There will not be frequent breakdowns when you have the unit cleaned and serviced. The parts in the machine will also have a better life and so you won’t have to replace them prematurely. When you don’t suffer any breakdowns, you won’t have to spend on repairs. This means that the money you spend on servicing the machines will save you a lot of money that will be spent on repairs and parts.

Regular service will mean that the filters are cleaned properly. This will help to prevent the entry of any pollutants and other allergens into the office. Your air quality will be much better when the aircon is performing to its best capacity. This means that your staff will remain healthy. When the pollutants are blocked your staff won’t suffer from any allergic reactions.

Why Do You Need Chemical Cleaning?

Chemical cleaning of the aircon is a process where every part of your aircon is cleaned using suitable chemicals. Even if you have been servicing your unit regularly there is bound to be an accumulation of dirt at various places in the aircon. This will also encourage the growth of various harmful organisms in the unit. A water drainage pipe is a place which is always wet and conducive for the growth of molds. Molds can spread very fast and their spores will spread in the air. These are very dangerous for your health.

Performing an aircon chemical cleaning will ensure that all the dirt and dust are completely removed from the unit. Every part is dismantled and cleaned completely. The water drain pipes are flushed with chemicals to remove the molds. A chemical cleaning enables the unit to function in the best manner as the parts are now free of any dirt. A smooth aircon will certainly give you better cooling.

With chemical cleaning, the life of the aircon improves as the parts work more smoothly. As the aircon works to its full capacity you will get the desired cooling quickly. This means your air conditioner will work less saving you a lot of money by way of power bills. Most importantly, after a chemical cleaning the quality of air is very good and there need be no fear of any diseases or allergies. You can get the chemical cleaning done at least once a year by a good servicing company in Singapore.

Aircon Promotion in Singapore

Many of the aircon dealers in Singapore offer promotion sale on various occasions. This is done primarily to improve their sales. When there is a promotion there is an increase in the number of customers visiting the shop and this will give the business a chance to entice them to buy a product. During the promotion different aircon models are offered at discounted prices prompting customers to buy them from that shop. Promotion sales also are done to promote a brand which is being launched recently.

There is much advantage for you when there is an aircon promotion in Singapore because you can get a lot of benefits if you purchase at that time. You can get the aircon at a reduced price. But it is not just price reduction that the distributors offer during a promotion sale. There are other things which are offered along with it. You may be able to get free service offers along with your aircon. You may also free accessories or other items that will help in better maintenance of the aircon.