How to Save Money on Aircon Prices in Singapore?

It is summer and life without an aircon can be hell. You must have an aircon if you want to be comfortable and carry on with your daily routine. Whether it is at home or in the office, work can suffer greatly if people are hot and sweating. Aircon is one of the appliances that Singapore cannot do with considering the heat and humidity in the country. Buy buying an aircon is expensive. The investment is huge and you must consider many things before you buy one.

When you are planning to buy aircon for your home or office, you must think about ways to reduce the cost. You must look at various aspects and see how you can reduce your investment in the aircon. There are a few things you could do before you buy the aircon. These will help you bring down your investment to a great level.

Compare Prices And Different Models

Many of the house contractors get a commission on the various things that you buy for your home. Furniture and appliances are the high-priced items on which their commission will be good. It is not something you must worry too much about, because they help you select the items, and not all of them recommend a low-quality item for commission alone. They have their image to maintain too. But there may be brands that may be cheaper and of good quality. It is worth visiting the various dealer that do air conditioner sale and looking at what is cheaper and suitable for your home.

There are a large number of aircon models available today that it can confuse you a bit. You must go through the details of each of these models and check which one is most suitable for you. Why should you pay more for a model with features you may never use? Models with lesser features may cost you lesser. You must also use the aircon in the ideal way where you get the best cooling without much power consumption. Having the fan speed high without lowering the temperature too much, you can get enough cooling all over the room and decrease power consumption. You must see which air conditioner is best for your home and choose that one to save money.

Another feature in many aircon models is noise reduction. In these units, you will not hear the usual “hum” you hear when the units run. If you are going to install the aircon in a large room of more than 200 sq. ft. this feature is not useful as you will not hear the sound in such large areas. You don’t have to waste money on such a feature.


Choose The Right Capacity For Your Room

The capacity of the aircon that you select should depend on the room size that should be cooled. The cooling capacity of the aircon is mentioned in British Thermal Units or BTUs. You will need a certain capacity for cooling an area. A room of around 150 sq. ft. the area will need an aircon with a capacity of 6000 BTU. For larger rooms up to 350 sq. ft. the capacity you will need to buy a unit having a cooling capacity of 9000 BTU. If you check this and buy a unit that has enough capacity to cool your room, then you can save money. Machines with higher capacity will cost more.

For very large rooms around 500 sq. ft. or more you may need to buy aircon with a capacity between 10000 and 15000 BTU. When you are installing an aircon in the kitchen you must increase the BTU by around 4000 units than is necessary for room of that size. When you install an aircon of lesser capacity in a room, it must run for a greater number of hours to cool the room completely. This will result in excess consumption of power and wasteful expenditure for you.

If you buy an aircon of higher capacity it will cool the room very fast. This will be faster than the reduction in humidity and so this can result in dampness spreading on the walls. Your wallpapers can get damaged because of this. You must check the aircon sale in Singapore and buy the one with the right capacity for your room.


Check Energy Efficiency And Choose The Right OEM Provider

Energy efficiency is another important feature that you must check when you buy your aircon. Some models come with different Energy Efficient Ratings (EER). There is a law that says the minimum rating should be 10. Machines with a rating above this may cost you more but save on electricity bills. But this choice should be made depending on how often you use the aircon. For offices where the aircon is used daily for many hours, choosing a machine with high EER will save a lot of money. Units with higher EER will cost more. If your usage of aircon is very less then you can go for a cheap aircon with minimum EER.

Another way to save money on aircon usage is to choose the right OEM provider for your power supply. The introduction of the Open Electricity Market has given many choices to consumers. Many providers offer different types of plans for power consumption. Some of the plans may be beneficial depending on your power usage. Look at the various OEM retailers and go through their plans and select the one that will help you save money.

You must also consider the maintenance of the aircon when choosing your brand. Check the different models available at the shop having Mitsubishi aircon sales and check for models that will suit you. Buying aircon of such trusted brands will help to save you a lot of money by way of lesser maintenance and repair costs. Look at all the aspects mentioned above if you want to save money when using your aircon.

Make the Right Aircon Purchase Decision in Singapore

The summer is nearing its peak and the temperature in Singapore is soaring. There is no way you can survive here without an air conditioner. The heat has a very bad effect on our bodies. It saps our energy and reduces our ability to work. Excessive heat can even affect your ability to think properly leading to decreased efficiency in work. Whether it is at home or in offices, people cannot work as well as they must if there is oppressive heat. Sweat and heat can decrease the efficiency of your employees and this could affect your productivity.

Almost all companies in Singapore have their office air-conditioned. But over the years the machines can fail and stop working. You cannot afford to have an aircon that can fail at any time in your office. Imagine the machine stopping to function when you are in a crucial meeting with your client. The whole deal could go from your hands just because of your aircon. So, you must replace your aircon when it stops to function well.

When to Replace Your Aircon?

If your aircon is more than ten years old it is better to replace it. Though your aircon is built to work for around fifteen years, it is better to look for a replacement if your machine is costing you much by way of repairs and replacement of parts. You can start looking at Mitsubishi aircon sales and see what kind of machine will suit you most. It is also good to replace sooner because the new air conditioners are more efficient and come with advanced features that can be good for you.

When the aircon is of an old model it might cost you more to operate. Mitsubishi aircon in Singapore offers you many models that function much more efficiently and can save you a lot of money. These appliances consume much lesser energy and your power costs will come down drastically. If you have many units in your office, then the savings can be huge. You must also think of replacement if your aircon is costing you much by way of repairs. Older air conditioners will need frequent repairs and change of parts. If your office is not cooling as well as it used to, then also you must change the air conditioners.

Factors To Consider When Buying Aircon

When you are looking at Mitsubishi aircon sales in Singapore you must consider many factors before you decide on the model. The first thing to consider is the capacity of the aircon. Aircon capacities are mentioned in terms of tons. You have one, one-and-a-half, and two-ton air conditioners that are normally used as individual units. What capacity you must buy will depend on the area that needs to be cooled. A one-ton machine can cool up to an area of 120 sq. ft. If the area is between 120 and 160 sq. ft. you will need a 1.5-ton machine. Above this, you will need a 2-ton air conditioner. Depending on the size of your office you can arrive at the number of units you will need.

The second important factor to consider is the energy efficiency of the machine. When you look at air conditioner sale you must also consider the consumption of power by the air conditioner. You will have many units in your office and the power consumption will be very high. Choosing an easy with a high energy star-rating will result in lesser consumption of power. You can check the star-rating on the machine itself. You must buy the most energy-efficient air conditioner so that you can save a lot of money that you will be spending on power bills.

Ensure Proper Installation

It is not enough that the company that does the air conditioner sale in Singapore gives you the machine. They must also come and install the unit in your office. The quality of installation is very important for the efficiency of the aircon. The service providers must use the best accessories for installation so that your aircon functions well. Using quality accessories will prevent a lot of problems in the future.

How To Make Sure That You Buy The Best Aircon?

An aircon is a big investment. It is especially so if you are buying many units for your office. The amount of money you spend is very high and you don’t want it to go waste. You must get the best returns for the money you spend. This means that you must buy an aircon that gives you the best service for a long time. There are many brands of aircon available in the world today. Many of the brands are world-famous and come from reputed companies. There are also some local brands of aircon that are present in the market. You must try to buy a brand that is reputed and known to have a long life and work without failure. You can look for a store with Mitsubishi Aircon Sales in Singapore.

Buying The Best Aircon For Trouble-Free Performance

You don’t want to buy an aircon that gives trouble quite often. Many people may look at the economy when they want to buy more than a single unit of aircon. It is not bad to look at affordable prices. But if you buy a cheap aircon now, you may end up spending a lot of money on repairs and replacement of parts. When you buy aircon from a reputed manufacturer you will have more durable parts. If you read the Mitsubishi aircon review you will understand that people who bought the machine are very happy with the performance.

The biggest advantage of international brands is that they have access to the latest technology.

They have their own research centers where different models are tested and they arrive at the most efficient aircon. All the parts in these machines are tested for best performance and durability. Because of a worldwide presence, these companies maintain the best quality standards as their reputation depends on it. There are many Mitsubishi air conditioner models available in Singapore from which you can select the most suitable one for your purpose.

How To Buy The Most Suitable Aircon For Your Purpose?

The first thing that you must check is the capacity of the aircon. Air conditioners are normally available in capacities of 1, 1.5 or 2 tons. When you check the air conditioner for sale, see if they are selling the capacity that you will need. There is a general rule about how to know the capacity of your room. For rooms up to 120 sq. ft a one-ton aircon is sufficient. If the room size is between 120 and 160 sq. ft. then you can buy a 1.5-ton unit and for areas above that, you can purchase a 2-ton air conditioner.

Energy efficiency is another factor to check when buying aircon. This is usually mentioned as star-rating. A 5-star rating aircon is the most energy-efficient one. For office purposes, it is best to go for higher star-rating which will help you to save on power bills. These machines consume much less power. It is also a great way to protect the environment. When you look at air conditioner sales in Singapore see that you get the highest rating in energy efficiency.

Many other features are available in air conditioners today. Air conditioners with an anti-bacterial filter will help to prevent these organisms from entering your office. This is a very good feature because it will keep your employees from falling sick. A unit with a dehumidifier is very useful to reduce the humidity. Singapore has a very humid climate and this feature will help you greatly.


The Benefits Of Buying A Smart Aircon

Smart technology works on the principle of IoT which is becoming very popular. Many appliances are now smart and you can control them from anywhere you want. For offices, this aircon will be useful because even if you left the aircon on when someone leaves the office, it can be switched off using your smartphone. This will save you a lot of money that goes wasted in power consumption.

When you are searching for air conditioner sale online check for models that have smart technology.


Why Should You Install Air Conditioners In Your Office?

Singapore is a tropical country and the summer comes with its hot breeze every year. So, every office in Singapore needs aircon to reduce the indoor temperature, even if the outside temperature is going well above 34°C- 35°C. The working method of an aircon is very simple, it draws the hot air through the fan and processes it and in the end, the cool air is released through the air filter.

No doubt having a comfortable climate and humidity increases the efficiency of the employees, it helps them to become more productive. That is why; even the small companies and startups are also investing in the air conditioning.

If you want to invest in air conditioners for your office space or you just want it for your home, you are in luck. This is the time of the year; where you will get the best aircon at the cheapest price. All the big aircon manufacturing companies know that with summer approaching, the air conditioner sales will rise. So, to attract the customers they sell air conditions at a budget rate.

But, don’t fall for the price as you may get the air conditioners at a cheaper rate, but you might have to pay extra for services if the system is not accurate according to your space. To help you choose your aircon wisely, we are giving you a few ideas that will help to invest in the right appliances, such as

  • There are different types of air conditioners are available in the market, such as portable, fitted, cooler or fan. So, you need to consider which one would be the best option to cover your space.
  • The size of the aircon should be according to the space, but bigger doesn’t always come with better services. So, you have to study the market thoroughly like a pro before buying.
  • One thing you cannot ignore while buying an aircon is its maintenance cost. If you ignore such things while buying, you will never get the complete satisfaction.

Why should you install air conditioners in your office?

Hot weather can be very exhausting; especially they make you feel sticky. In such a condition, you won’t be able to work with your full potential. Besides, these conditions can never be considered as an ideal office environment. By reducing the temperature to an extent, air conditioners help the employees to work in a more comfortable environment.

If you think that, opening windows is could be an alternative to aircon, you aren’t wrong. But, if your office is situated in a busy area or near the main road, the open windows won’t only bring air, but will also bring noise and dust particles. Modern ACs comes with better air purifying system that doesn’t only make the atmosphere cooler, but also make the air quality better.

Should you buy or hire an aircon for your office?

If your office space is quite big, it will require more than one aircon to cover the whole area. Buying aircon can impact on your company’s account balance, especially if the balance is tight. In that case, you will have one other option open, hiring the air conditioners.

Hiring ACs can be the best option if you want to build a temporary office for a few months. For example, if you are renovating your office space and have shifted the whole office to a rented place, it would be a better strategy to rent the ACs, rather than buying them.

Save more money through servicing your aircon regularly

After buying an AC, you might want to focus on certain parts for its longer life span. Many companies offer Mitsubishi aircon sales, which are renowned for their long-lasting air conditioners. So, you can get in touch with these companies or subscribe to their newsletters to stay updated with the offers and discounts.

So, after buying an aircon, focus on these parts,

  • Make sure that the coils are not insulated with dirt
  • The air filters should be clean as well to emit only purified air
  • Condenser drains should be cleaned frequently or it won’t be able to control the humidity

Advantages of Choosing A Company Which Offers Aircon Sales and Service

You may notice that using an air conditioner has become part of our lives. They say almost every home and office in Singapore to have a system to take care of the cooling needs of the place. Every building that you may come across in Singapore would have air conditioners installed to ensure that they can beat the heat and stay in ambient temperature. You cannot achieve the ambient temperature inside a building or a room without using an air conditioner because of the rise in temperatures and global warming.

However, if you are a person choosing to purchase an air conditioner, it is better to find an aircon promotion Singapore company that offers great deals and offers. This way you would end up saving your money on the purchases that you make. It may also be a wiser choice if you choose a company that offers both sales and service for air conditioners. This way you have one company dealing with all requirements that pertain to the use of an air conditioner and not depend on multiple vendors.


Mitsubishi aircon sales at the best prices

It is needless to say that Mitsubishi has established itself as one of the most trusted companies in Singapore for their air conditioners. It does not come as a surprise that many people choose this brand over other options that they may have in Singapore. If you are a person looking to purchase the Mitsubishi air conditioner for your home or office, then you might want to choose companies that offer aircon promotion Singapore. By choosing these companies, you are not just purchasing one of the top brands in air conditioners but also end up saving money.


Aircon maintenance with the cheapest aircon service companies

Buying an air conditioner for your home or office is one thing and maintaining them is another. Often people choose to purchase air conditioners and use them until they fail or do not offer cooling solutions as per their expectations. This is not how you treat air conditioners as they require more attention than that. These air conditioners require regular care and maintenance to function properly.

Some of these maintenance works include cleaning air filters, checking gas usage and doing a general service. Purchasing a new air conditioner comes with a warranty that covers maintenance for some time. However, post that period, you can choose to use the cheapest aircon service Singapore company. You can contact these companies to do the regular maintenance work on your air conditioner to ensure that it is in top condition and does not fail.

Maintaining your aircon system properly would ensure that you would have the longevity of the air conditioner intact. You would not face a situation where the aircon system breaks causing unexpected havoc. After a failed air conditioning system in the office is the last thing that anyone would want as it can mess up the entire system completely until you fix the issue.


Types of service the cheapest aircon service Singapore companies offer

Regular check-ups, periodical cleaning, chemical washing, gas levels checking, ensuring insulations, water drainage, and leak checking are some services the cheapest aircon service Singapore companies offer their customers. This way, they eradicate the chances of breakdowns to a great extent at affordable prices for maintenance.


Diagnosis of issues with the cheapest aircon service Singapore companies

The first step towards fixing an issue with the air conditioning system would be to identify the problem that caused the unit to fail. With the cheapest aircon service Singapore companies, you can have the issue identified and fixed in no time at all. This is one reason they prefer these companies over other options in Singapore. The other reason is the prices at which they can service, diagnose, fix an aircon system.

The spares for any models and manufacturer type are mostly readily available with these companies to ensure that repairs are immediately when they find one. By being able to provide these quick services, you know better about them in Singapore for not just their prices but also quick and quality services. Experts and technicians with these companies ensure that there is no delay in fixing a breakdown with your air conditioning system in Singapore.

The Air Conditioner Makes an Environment that Would be Profitable for One

Now the summer is coming and it would bring very hot temperatures with it that would make many people in a miserable situation. There are many people who work in a company that works in a company or people go to a place like restaurants don’t feel comfortable there if the temperature of the place would be higher. There are many people in Singapore that search online for the aircon promotion Singapore so that they can install an air conditioner at their place. There might be many people who would think that how people can take their place better by installing the air conditioner at their home. First, we understand how the market works and why there is a need for installing the air conditioner at their place.

Why there is a better environment in the premise so much important?

There are various reason why one should make their premise better so that they can relax better but the following problems may arise in the absence of proper air conditioning systems

  • Less efficient – There are many people work in a company and they have the work to think about new ideas and execution plans so that they can come up with new products and services in the market. They have the work in the present also so that they can supply the products for their present market. It all needs a proper environment to work so that the work would be efficient and when it does not happen then the company comes in the loss.
  • No relaxation – There are many people in the office that works very hard in their office and they do all the brainstorming so that they can make their company profitable in the market. When they do their work in the company then they come home so that they can relax but when the home has a higher temperature then it becomes harder to relax in the home that could make one tired the next day.
  • Client’s trust – Sometimes a company needs an investor so that they can become more efficient in their work. There are many investors in the market that want to make their money more that is why they want to invest in a company that they trust so that they can make profits. Before investing any money the investors visit the company in which they want to invest and when they see that the environment of the company is not better then the company lost trust in the company.

How people are tackling the issue of temperature with the air conditioner?

Airconditioner is a device that is run on the air compressor which makes the temperature of the premise as per the requirement. Now the technology in the air conditioner has become so advanced that people are getting attracted to buy an air conditioner for their premises. Air companies understand that in the time of the summer their sales of the air conditioner would rise as people want to have a better environment in their premises. In Singapore, airconditioner companies run marketing of their air conditioner and how to do aircon promotion Singapore becomes one of the trending keywords in Singapore. There are many people who use the air conditioner at their premise so that they can take the following benefits from the air conditioner

  • Better environment – now one can make the environment of their offices or home better. This would make the people living in the premise more energetic as sometimes it happens that one come from the outside heat that makes one tired but when they come in the environment of the lower temperature then they feel very relaxed that make their energy higher. This would make the one do their work more energetically which would make one more enthusiastic towards their work.
  • Better workplace – There are many companies that understand the relaxation of their employees is very important so that the employees can do the work better in the company. The workplace becomes better when they set the proper environment for work. It makes the employees in the company more efficient in their work.
  • Better relaxation – when one would do all their work in their office then they would come to their home so that they can relax better. When one gets the appropriate environment then they can make their body relax better and they can have a healthy meal after a bath. This would make one more energetic that would make one more efficient in their work.

How one can maintain the efficiency of their air conditioner?

There are many people who own the air conditioner have the question on their mind that how they can maintain their air conditioner better. Many people in Singapore search for the aircon servicing Singapore so that they can make the air conditioner better. There are following things that people don’t know about how they should maintain their air conditioner due to which the life of their air conditioner becomes less. There are following ways that one should follow to maintain their air conditioner

  • Use original parts – Some times it happens that any internal part of the air conditioner gets damaged like air compressor then people change the part with the local products that one should not do with their air conditioner. One should always use original products to have better efficiency of the air conditioner.
  • authorized service center – There are many people who understand that they should send their air conditioner to the air conditioner so that they can make the efficiency of their air conditioner better but sometimes it backfires. People should always send their air conditioners to the authorized service centers so that the air conditioner would get better service by experts and professionals.

Keep Your Aircon Serviced For Best Performance

Like any appliance, your aircon also needs to be regularly serviced to give the best performance. An air conditioner that is not serviced regularly will not give the cooling that you expect from it. Various other functions can go wrong when the aircon is not cleaned regularly. An aircon sucks in the air along with a lot of dust and other pollutants. These will get accumulated in the different parts of your aircon affecting its performance.

Many aircon servicing companies in Singapore can do an excellent servicing job. If you have many units of air conditioners in your office, it makes sense to enter into a contract with the aircon servicing companies. This will make it certain that your air conditioners are cleaned on time regularly. You don’t have to remember to clean each of the machines as the company will make a clear schedule and do the cleaning without your having to remind them.

Why Do You Need Regular Aircon Servicing?

Singapore has a tropical climate which doesn’t allow you to live without any aircon. This holds true when it comes to an office because the heat and humidity can reduce the energy levels of your staff and affect their productivity. This means that you must have all the aircon units working all the time. Any failure with even a single aircon can affect the temperature inside the office. When many people are working the heat level will also go up.

Keeping the aircon regularly serviced will ensure that they give you the desired cooling. There will not be frequent breakdowns when you have the unit cleaned and serviced. The parts in the machine will also have a better life and so you won’t have to replace them prematurely. When you don’t suffer any breakdowns, you won’t have to spend on repairs. This means that the money you spend on servicing the machines will save you a lot of money that will be spent on repairs and parts.

Regular service will mean that the filters are cleaned properly. This will help to prevent the entry of any pollutants and other allergens into the office. Your air quality will be much better when the aircon is performing to its best capacity. This means that your staff will remain healthy. When the pollutants are blocked your staff won’t suffer from any allergic reactions.

Why Do You Need Chemical Cleaning?

Chemical cleaning of the aircon is a process where every part of your aircon is cleaned using suitable chemicals. Even if you have been servicing your unit regularly there is bound to be an accumulation of dirt at various places in the aircon. This will also encourage the growth of various harmful organisms in the unit. A water drainage pipe is a place which is always wet and conducive for the growth of molds. Molds can spread very fast and their spores will spread in the air. These are very dangerous for your health.

Performing an aircon chemical cleaning will ensure that all the dirt and dust are completely removed from the unit. Every part is dismantled and cleaned completely. The water drain pipes are flushed with chemicals to remove the molds. A chemical cleaning enables the unit to function in the best manner as the parts are now free of any dirt. A smooth aircon will certainly give you better cooling.

With chemical cleaning, the life of the aircon improves as the parts work more smoothly. As the aircon works to its full capacity you will get the desired cooling quickly. This means your air conditioner will work less saving you a lot of money by way of power bills. Most importantly, after a chemical cleaning the quality of air is very good and there need be no fear of any diseases or allergies. You can get the chemical cleaning done at least once a year by a good servicing company in Singapore.

Aircon Promotion in Singapore

Many of the aircon dealers in Singapore offer promotion sale on various occasions. This is done primarily to improve their sales. When there is a promotion there is an increase in the number of customers visiting the shop and this will give the business a chance to entice them to buy a product. During the promotion different aircon models are offered at discounted prices prompting customers to buy them from that shop. Promotion sales also are done to promote a brand which is being launched recently.

There is much advantage for you when there is an aircon promotion in Singapore because you can get a lot of benefits if you purchase at that time. You can get the aircon at a reduced price. But it is not just price reduction that the distributors offer during a promotion sale. There are other things which are offered along with it. You may be able to get free service offers along with your aircon. You may also free accessories or other items that will help in better maintenance of the aircon.