How to Save Money on Aircon Prices in Singapore?

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It is summer and life without an aircon can be hell. You must have an aircon if you want to be comfortable and carry on with your daily routine. Whether it is at home or in the office, work can suffer greatly if people are hot and sweating. Aircon is one of the appliances that Singapore cannot do with considering the heat and humidity in the country. Buy buying an aircon is expensive. The investment is huge and you must consider many things before you buy one.

When you are planning to buy aircon for your home or office, you must think about ways to reduce the cost. You must look at various aspects and see how you can reduce your investment in the aircon. There are a few things you could do before you buy the aircon. These will help you bring down your investment to a great level.

Compare Prices And Different Models

Many of the house contractors get a commission on the various things that you buy for your home. Furniture and appliances are the high-priced items on which their commission will be good. It is not something you must worry too much about, because they help you select the items, and not all of them recommend a low-quality item for commission alone. They have their image to maintain too. But there may be brands that may be cheaper and of good quality. It is worth visiting the various dealer that do air conditioner sale and looking at what is cheaper and suitable for your home.

There are a large number of aircon models available today that it can confuse you a bit. You must go through the details of each of these models and check which one is most suitable for you. Why should you pay more for a model with features you may never use? Models with lesser features may cost you lesser. You must also use the aircon in the ideal way where you get the best cooling without much power consumption. Having the fan speed high without lowering the temperature too much, you can get enough cooling all over the room and decrease power consumption. You must see which air conditioner is best for your home and choose that one to save money.

Another feature in many aircon models is noise reduction. In these units, you will not hear the usual “hum” you hear when the units run. If you are going to install the aircon in a large room of more than 200 sq. ft. this feature is not useful as you will not hear the sound in such large areas. You don’t have to waste money on such a feature.


Choose The Right Capacity For Your Room

The capacity of the aircon that you select should depend on the room size that should be cooled. The cooling capacity of the aircon is mentioned in British Thermal Units or BTUs. You will need a certain capacity for cooling an area. A room of around 150 sq. ft. the area will need an aircon with a capacity of 6000 BTU. For larger rooms up to 350 sq. ft. the capacity you will need to buy a unit having a cooling capacity of 9000 BTU. If you check this and buy a unit that has enough capacity to cool your room, then you can save money. Machines with higher capacity will cost more.

For very large rooms around 500 sq. ft. or more you may need to buy aircon with a capacity between 10000 and 15000 BTU. When you are installing an aircon in the kitchen you must increase the BTU by around 4000 units than is necessary for room of that size. When you install an aircon of lesser capacity in a room, it must run for a greater number of hours to cool the room completely. This will result in excess consumption of power and wasteful expenditure for you.

If you buy an aircon of higher capacity it will cool the room very fast. This will be faster than the reduction in humidity and so this can result in dampness spreading on the walls. Your wallpapers can get damaged because of this. You must check the aircon sale in Singapore and buy the one with the right capacity for your room.


Check Energy Efficiency And Choose The Right OEM Provider

Energy efficiency is another important feature that you must check when you buy your aircon. Some models come with different Energy Efficient Ratings (EER). There is a law that says the minimum rating should be 10. Machines with a rating above this may cost you more but save on electricity bills. But this choice should be made depending on how often you use the aircon. For offices where the aircon is used daily for many hours, choosing a machine with high EER will save a lot of money. Units with higher EER will cost more. If your usage of aircon is very less then you can go for a cheap aircon with minimum EER.

Another way to save money on aircon usage is to choose the right OEM provider for your power supply. The introduction of the Open Electricity Market has given many choices to consumers. Many providers offer different types of plans for power consumption. Some of the plans may be beneficial depending on your power usage. Look at the various OEM retailers and go through their plans and select the one that will help you save money.

You must also consider the maintenance of the aircon when choosing your brand. Check the different models available at the shop having Mitsubishi aircon sales and check for models that will suit you. Buying aircon of such trusted brands will help to save you a lot of money by way of lesser maintenance and repair costs. Look at all the aspects mentioned above if you want to save money when using your aircon.