What You Should Know Before Getting An Aircon Service In Singapore

Aircon Service

With the temperature becoming unbearable, an air conditioner is definitely mercy for all. In Singapore, air conditioners are crucial to survive the scorching summers. They are used everywhere from homes and educational institutions to shopping malls and cars. But aircon units can be pretty challenging to maintain if you don’t take proper steps.
After all, air conditioners are essential commodities. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain them, so they can run for a more extended period. Yet, it can take a lot for maintenance services, primarily if the aircon is used frequently. It might also seem that aircon maintenance services are expensive.
Are you wondering whether or not you need aircon servicing? Are you confused regarding the type of servicing you require? In the following blog, we will take you through the answers of all these questions and help you make a value-added decision. Stick with us and read on.

Aircon Servicing

What is aircon servicing?

The air filter in the aircon alone collects a whole lot of dust and dirt while operating. Dirty air filters can result in problems such as ice formation. Dust and dirt can also cause the system to overheat when they collect in the condenser and evaporator.
An aircon service can clean the parts of the aircon and get rid of these calamities. Sometimes the coolant level in the aircon is also not adequate. A portion of the aircon can also get damaged due to overheating, for instance. These problems can also be resolved with servicing.


What comes in aircon servicing?

Many people are not concerned with aircon servicing. But the moment it starts to make strange noises or does not run typically, you might be compelled to search for the “ cheapest aircon service Singapore.” But even when the aircon seems to run efficiently, its performance can reduce overtime.
With regular servicing, the efficiency of the aircon unit can be maintained. Generally, a regular aircon servicing includes the cleaning of the condensing unit coils, together with the evaporator coils. This ensures that the dirt and dustare taken out of the crucial parts of the aircon.
Aircon servicing also involves oiling the fan motors and tightening the electrical terminals if required in order to improve their efficiency. Further services are determined after checking the various parts and operations of the aircon. For instance, your service provider might check:

  • The amp draw of the components such as the compressor
  • Tightness and adjustment of the belts
  • Operating pressures of the system compared to the original specifications
  • Operation temperatures of the system as per the specs
  • The level of refrigerant
  • Ductwork’s performance and occurrence of air leaks
  • Zone motors and their operations
  • Condensate tray, P trap, drains, sensors, thermostats, and safety devices

Type of Aircon Servicing

The service you take depends upon the requirements of your maintenance and repair for the aircon. Here are some of the various aircon services you can find in Singapore.

General Service

General servicing is a good fit for all those aircon that require small cleaning job. These services usually don’t include any complicated cleaning such as that performed with chemicals or steam. Part replacement is also not needed for this service. Employing this service twice annually can keep the aircon running proficiently.

Aircon Chemical Wash

An Aircon chemical wash requires a professional technician to clean the inner parts of the aircon unit, such as coils, air filters, and water trays using a solution made from the chemical. The solution composes of ingredients that kill harmful bacteria and moulds. It also stops the growth of these substances. Accordingly, an aircon chemical wash can keep the energy of the unit at adequate levels.
A significant reason why an aircon chemical wash is beneficial is that it improves the quality of the air flowing out. Such a service is needed when the technicians identify unusual activity in the aircon and speculate that there might be grime and dusk in the unit not possible to be removed by the traditional equipment.


Aircon Overhaul Servicing

An Aircon overhaul servicing goes one step beyond the chemical wash. Instead of just cleaning the filter, coils, and the water trays, the technician is also required to fix the conditions of the heat exchange coils, drainage pipes, and the blower wheels. The technicians oversee the requirements of the entire unit and fix all the issues found.
Generally, it is recommended to hire such a service once every year in order to keep the aircon functional throughout the year. Such time of servicing can also fix problems causing strange noises in the aircon. It might also be required if the aircon significantly has blocked pipes and vents, eventually influencing its performance.

Aircon maintenance Services

Especially when it’s summer, the aircon has to be used frequently. In this regard, it is crucial to hire Aircon maintenance services for maintaining its efficiency and performance. Usually, the aircon maintenance service includes cleaning and replacement of air filters. If the aircon unit has a reusable filter, then it can be cleaned regularly. Doing so ensures that there are no allergen particles, dirt, and dust coming out with the airflow.
Maintenance services also involve the inspection of the thermostat. A thermostat is a very crucial component of the aircon. In case it doesn’t work efficiently, it causes the room temperature to cool in an inconsistent manner. Instead, a better performing thermostat can cool the room appropriately. It can also save the utility bills in the manner.
Furthermore, the technician may examine the condensing unity of the unit. Doing so allows the identification of any signs of overheating like the melting, burning, or blackening of the insulation on the wires. Therefore, air conditioning maintenance service is a full-fletch solution to keep the unit running for long.

Aircon repair

Services offering aircon repair in Singapore are very prominent because most people employ them, especially when their aircon doesn’t go through frequent maintenance services. The repair services depend upon troubleshooting. In this way, the technicians usually assess the performance and efficiency of the aircon first in order to find the issue and suggest a solution accordingly.
Some aircon, for example, require gas filling in order to amp up the temperature facility. In other units, certain types of parts have to be replaced to ensure the smooth working of the air conditioner.
There are various signs reflecting whether you need your aircon repaired or not. One of them is high humidity. If your aircon is unable to keep the moisture levels in an adequate range, then there can be an issue. An air conditioner also shouldn’t cycle on and off quickly or continuously. It shouldn’t produce unpleasant odours as well. Similarly, while many air conditioners produce low-level noise when starting and shutting down, it should not make loud, unusual, or sudden noises.
Inadequate airflow is also a common sign that the air conditioner has a problem, for example, blockage preventing the air from flowing through the ductwork. Since the aircon is dependent upon the refrigerant to cool, it can produce condensation. However, good aircon does not let the liquid to accumulate in the unit or lead in the home. If something like this is happening, then you need to call a repair technician.

Advantages of Aircon Services

Aircon services have various benefits for your unit. It is true that all types of equipment require regular maintenance and repair in order to keep running without any snag. Even the tiniest of the machinery requires some kind of support in order to run correctly. An aircon is now becoming a necessity to fight the harsh weather in Singapore. Almost all personal and corporate structures employ the aircon to provide a comfortable environment. In this regard, regular servicing of equipment that you use a lot is a must.
A serviced air conditioner can re-gain the efficiency it has lost. It can increase the chances of an aircon being protected from a major breakdown. It can diagnose the problem, assess the performance of each component of the unit, and determine the exact issue in the unit. In fact, aircon services are recommended by many technicians because it increases the total lifespan of the unit.
Most importantly, a good aircon can ensure that you are comfortable in the room by providing a cosy and relaxing environment. You can enjoy the cool breeze without any unusual noise or activity. Good aircon also feed off less energy, which decreases the total operational and future maintenance costs of the unit. Accordingly, with regular aircon services, you might not need advanced services, such as repairing.


Importance of Aircon Services

Regular aircon services can ensure that you have cleaner air in the room. The air filters and overall unit can be cleaned. With air free from pollutants, bacteria, and dust, you will feel much better in your room. It is also important to breathe clean air in order to keep the overall family healthy and safe. Air conditioner clogged with dirt, bacteria, and dust can lead to various problems, such as allergies and asthma.
The service also saves the aircon from expensive repairs. You might not have to rely on any third party in order to keep your facility cosy and relaxing. The aircon services also ensure that cooling occurs in the room in a shorter period of time. When refrigerant particularly leaks, it can release HFCs, carbon dioxide, and greenhouse gases in the environment. It is clear that these substances are already too bad for the environment. Technicians can also recycle gases from the unit.
Accordingly, the lesser you use the aircon, the better it is for the surroundings. Different manufacturers of the aircon also have varying warranty conditions. However, some warranty conditions make it essential for the customers to get their aircon maintained and services regularly. Therefore, if you want to prevent voiding the warranty, you should meet the conditions and get the unit serviced.

The Last Words

It is clear that if you own an aircon, then you need to get maintenance and repairing facility. Doing so will keep your important unit running for a very long time without any hassle. Have you tried any aircon maintenance and repair services yet? Are you satisfied with the service? Tell us about the service you have tried in the comments.