Is Aircon Servicing Essential Services During the Lockdown?

Aircon Servicing in Singapore

The coronavirus has brought life to almost a standstill in every part of the world. Most businesses are shut down everywhere. In Singapore too the circuit breaker has seen most businesses shut down temporarily. Only a few emergency services are available at present. Because of the lockdown people are spending most of their time at home. Whether it is lockdown or not, the weather has been the same as it is during this of the year. The heat is oppressive and there is no way you can sit at home without the aircon. Most people are already frustrated with sitting at home without being able to go anywhere. If the aircon is going to trouble at this time, it will be an additional reason for getting irritated.

The cheapest aircon service in Singapore is permitted during the circuit breaker with restrictions. Only emergency services like aircon not getting cold, leaking of aircon, and breakdown can be attended to till June 1. The circuit break measures will be eased from June 2nd and from then all types of service are permitted. It is better that you contact your aircon servicing company well in advance to book for your aircon regular servicing as soon as the restrictions are relaxed because the servicing companies are going to be very busy during that period.As most aircon servicing companies are not working during the circuit breaker period as only a few have been permitted to do emergency services, it is best to know what to do when some troubles arise with your aircon. There are some things that you can do at home to make sure that you stay in comfort.

How To Tackle Water Leaking From Aircon?

Water leakage is a problem that can be quite distressing. If you are having water dripping on to your carpets, it can damage them too. During this circuit breaker if you are unable to get aircon servicing as an essential service during this period, then you must be able to tackle the problem. If the water leakage is due to a drainage pipe block then you can try something by yourself. This is mostly the cause of all water leakage. When the servicing is done regularly the pipe is cleaned. But it is not possible due to the circuit breaker.

What you can do is to use a waterproofed vacuum cleaner to suck out the dirt from the pipe. You can find the end of the pipe which will mostly be in your bathroom. Use a strong vacuum cleaner to pull out the dirt that clogs the drainage pipe from this end. This method is possible only if the dirt is not too close to the aircon unit. Sometimes clogged air filters can also result in water leakage. This can be easily stopped by removing the air filters and washing them in water. You must dry the filters before fixing them again.

The Aircon Is Not Cooling The Room

One of the complaints that most people have during the circuit breaker is that the aircon is not cooling the room enough. This is a direct result of the unit not being serviced regularly. It is not the time when you can get someone to do service because of the circuit breaker. Hardly few companies have been given permission and they may not come at a time when you want because they are already full of jobs in hand. It is highly frustrating that you are unable to get aircon servicing in Singapore done at a time when the temperatures are soaring. Your aircon servicing company may sympathize with you, but even they can’t do anything because of the restrictions. So, what do you do if your aircon is not cooling enough to make you comfortable?

One of the main reasons why your aircon is not cooling is clogged air filters. This happens because of the dust and dirt in the filters. As you know the aircon sucks in air from outside to send in as cool air. But this air comes with dust and this gets stuck in the air filters. During regular service the air filters are removed and cleaned. You can do the cleaning yourself. You must open the front cover to locate the air filters. They can be easily removed as there are projections for you to hold them and pull them out. Once you have removed them, wash them well with water till the dust and dirt are removed. Hang them to dry. Fix them again once they are dry. This must solve your problem to a great extent.

The evaporator assembly and the output area can also be covered with dust. As you cannot get aircon servicing in Singapore during circuit breaker you must clean the place yourself. This can be done using a toothbrush and vacuum cleaner. Gently clean the top of the evaporator unit and use the vacuum cleaner to suck away the dust simultaneously. The same can be repeated in the output area also. Be sure to wear a mask during the cleaning as dust could go inside your nose. Once this is done the cooling should become much better.

Problems That You Cannot Solve

There are quite a few problems that you may not be able to solve without professional help from a servicing company. Considering the weather in Singapore you may wonder if aircon servicing must also be considered as essential services during the circuit breaker period. But, healthy of the citizens being of prime importance, it is best that everyone adjusts to the adverse weather and wait till the restrictions are relaxed. Once they are relaxed you can get the best aircon servicing company to check your equipment. Make sure that your servicing company is adhering to all the Covid-19 safety measures as advised by the experts.