Advantages of Regular Air Conditioner Servicing

When you invest in an air conditioner you expect a good performance and a long life for it. But unfortunately, many people face the problem of their air conditioners breaking down frequently. At least some of you must have had the problem of your aircon not living up to the number of years that it should live. There are many other problems that people face with their aircon and the usual thing to do is to blame on the make and model of the aircon. However, there are all chances that the problem was not with the aircon but because it has not been serviced regularly.

Common Problems Faced With Aircon

One of the complaints that you hear quite often from those who use aircon is that the machine is not giving the cooling that it should be giving. There are many other complaints too. There is excessive noise when the machine works. You are faced with frequent breakdowns and the cost of repairing is going up. There is water leakage from the unit which is ruining your carpet. Foul smell emanates from the machine.

There are two other major problems which people don’t immediately associate with the aircon. There is frequent illness in the house and allergic reactions seem to be on the rise. Another common issue is an increase in power bills. You can associate these with your aircon too and we will come to the reasons soon.

Why Should You Do Regular Servicing Of Your Aircon?

All the above problems occur because the aircon has not been serviced regularly. An air conditioner functions by sucking in air from outside, cooling it and sending it into your house. When the air is being sucked in dust and dirt also get into the machine. This will go and block the blowers, filters and other parts of the air conditioner causing lesser air flow. This is why you feel that the unit is not cooling as much as it should.

When the aircon cannot cool as much as it should, it will work for more time to reach the required cooling. This will mean that it will use more power. This is why your power bill rises when the aircon is not serviced regularly. During the service a thorough cleaning is done, which will make the air flow better and help you get the cooling in a shorter period. You will see that there is a drastic reduction in power costs when you service your aircon.

When the filters are blocked, they don’t perform the function of preventing germs from getting into the house. All modern air conditioners have this feature and this will not work if the filters are not clean. The entry of harmful germs is the reason why you find an increase in allergic reactions and sickness in the house.

Regular Aircon Servicing in Singapore assumes even greater importance because of the proximity to the ocean. The wind from the sea carries salt with it and this will cause quick corrosion of your aircon parts. Rust can damage the parts of the unit very fast leading to premature failure. With regular servicing, you can avoid this problem to a large extent.

Benefits of Regular Servicing Of Aircon

You must service the aircon at least once every three months to keep it free from dust and dirt. The servicing job will include the cleaning of all the filters and covers. They will also check the drain pipers for any blockage and clear that. This will prevent water leakage from the machine. When the servicing is done the unit will function smoothly without causing excessive noise. With the servicing done you will also find that the cooling is much faster.

When the aircon is serviced regularly there are no frequent breakdowns. This means that you don’t have to get the aircon company and pay them for repairs. You save a lot of money in this way. The smooth functioning of the machine will also guarantee you that the machine will last for longer. As the parts are regularly checked and cleaned, they will not wear off easily and last quite a long time. This means that you will get the full benefit of the money you paid for the aircon.

Even your regular cleaning and servicing will not be able to remove all the dust and dirt from every part of the machine. Over time the dust will accumulate all over the aircon reducing its performance. It is at this time that you should get the Aircon Chemical cleaning done to remove every speck of dirt from your air conditioner.

During the chemical cleaning, the unit is completely dismantled. Each part is removed and cleaned with the appropriate cleaning chemicals. Further, the aircon is cleaned using steam which will remove the dust and dirt along with the chemical. Once this is done your aircon is as good as new and will give you excellent cooling.

It is essential to find out the best air conditioner company that has all the modern equipment. They must be able to service and repair all makes of aircon and should have qualified and trained mechanics for the job.

We Help You Make the Most Out Of Your Aircon

The lifestyle in Singapore has gone through a massive transformation over the years. Nowadays, there is hardly any home or office that can afford to run without an active aircon. If we try to visualize the picture 10 to 15 years back from now, things we are certainly not this advanced back then. Back then, only a few people would actually own an aircon. Also, it was certainly not easy to find an aircon mechanic if ever one’s aircon had a breakdown back then. We are SG Aircon and we feel glad that we, along with a few other reliable aircon companies could bring about such a huge transformation in the field of aircon in Singapore over the past many years. When we first started, Aircon users were very few in number.

We Offer a Comprehensive Solution to All Your Aircon Needs

However, there has been a substantial growth in the number of aircon users over the years in Singapore. One of the most important reasons behind such a brilliant growth is certainly the rise in the number of reliable aircon companies. Unlike in the past, now you can easily find an Aircon mechanic every time you experience an aircon breakdown. Ever since we started, we tried to bring about a comprehensive solution to all your aircon needs. It was certainly not an easy job for us. It took us persistent research of every aspect of aircon from the different requirement of the different customers to their varying purchasing power. This eventually helped us to bring to you the best aircon for sale from time to time. Of course, there is no denying the fact that SG Aircon is a very well known brand now. However, it took us consistent hard work to reach here.

We Keep Up With Even the Most Challenging Aircon Issues

Ever since we started, we have been constantly proving our expertise in this field by our excellent AC service. Of course, there is no denying the fact that it has to do a lot with our team of excellent aircon technicians with years of experience and proficiency. Also, we make them aware of the latest trends in aircon servicing and aircon cleaning. We offer them the latest training to help them keep up with even the most challenging aircon issues. Over the years, our aircon service has been extensively used by a lot of users in Singapore.

Have the Smoothest Aircon Experience with SG Aircon Service

We have the best aircon chemical wash service in entire Singapore. Most importantly, ever since we started we tried to bring to you the best aircon services at the most competitive prices and this has eventually helped us win the confidence of our customers to a massive extent. Our aircon staffs have years of experience of handling many challenging aircon issues and that’s why you can always rely on us for the best aircon maintenance. With SG Aircon service, you can rest assured of the smoothest aircon experience.

Do You Think You Need a Perfect Aircon Solution in All Aspects?

Life would certainly get a lot difficult if ever the aircon at one’s home or at one’s office stops working all of a sudden. However, if it was twenty years back from now, things would certainly be a lot different and difficult too but today’s world is by far advanced in every field and this holds true for the Aircon solutions and services as well. As a matter of fact, there has been an outstanding growth in the number of Aircon companies over the years and a few of them have largely proved their expertise as well.

What Makes Us Different from the Others?

When we started some years ago, we were just another name added to the list of the existing aircon companies back then but we soon attained a very reliable position. Of course, there’s no denying the fact that it has never been an easy task but our commitment towards satisfying our clients knows no limit and we continued to strive even harder with times to comprehend the exact requirement of our clients really well. This eventually helped us offer you the best aircon solutions and services over the years.

Also, we train our staffs on a consistent basis to ensure they deal with every aircon related matter of our clients from aircon sales, aircon cleaning to aircon repair with great proficiency. Also, we offer a wide variety of Aircon models and you can easily find the aircon of your choice or aircon within your budget at SG Aircon.

Life is full of rush these days and we often miss out on a lot of important things and it may hold true for our aircon too. The fact of the matter is that as we leave our aircon without cleaning for a long time, it tends to accumulate a lot of dust which eventually affects its performance. In some cases, it may even stop working entirely. With the SG Aircon cleaning servicing, you can rest assured of the best aircon performance all the time.

With our chemical wash, we can clean every single bit of dust and bacteria from your Aircon and furthermore, we have the most brilliant aircon cleaning staffs that are pretty competent at their work. They not only give your aircon the best cleaning but also, do it in the quickest possible time with any disruption.

Most importantly, we aim to offer you the best services at the most affordable prices. Hence, if you are looking for an Aircon provider that has an unimaginable level of concern for its customers, it is certainly SG Aircon.

Every Aircon Needs Servicing on a Regular Basis

We are completely aware as to how important aircon is in the lives of many people living in Singapore. A lot of people would find it very difficult in case they ever experience an aircon breakdown. However, things have changed a lot over the years and it certainly isn’t that difficult any longer to find an aircon mechanic everytime we have an aircon breakdown. At SG aircon, we have the right solutions to address every small and big aircon related problem. For years, we have been making things extremely simple and convenient for our people. This has subsequently helped us win the confidence of the people over the years. We have an excellent team of highly trained aircon technicians. Also, we employ the most advanced methods of aircon cleaning and repairing.

You Can Count on Us for Every Aircon Related Service

It is important for Aircon users to understand that every aircon needs servicing on a regular basis. As we use an aircon over a long period of time, it tends to accumulate a lot of dust and dirt which eventually slows down the aircon system. Another Aircon issue often faced by a lot of users is the fact that sometimes Aircon emits a bad smell. This is due to the block in the drainage system. Our experts are not only smart at diagnosing your aircon related problem but also they are capable of resolving your issues in no time without any disruption. Our aircon chemical wash is extensively used by the users all over Singapore industry much reflects as to how is effective our chemical wash is.

Aircon Sales and Promotion in the Most Meaningful way

Also, people rely a lot on our aircon repair service. We have our services in different packages for our users to choose from. It would not be wrong to say that ever since SG aircon started, it has brought about a complete transformation in the perception of aircon services in Singapore. This holds true for aircon sales and promotion as well. We not only try to reach you out in the most meaningful way but also, we strive to bring to you the best aircon. Over the years, we have tied up with world-class companies like Mitsubishi. As a matter of fact, no other aircon company ever tried to come up with such a comprehensive aircon service as SG aircon ever before.

We Constantly Strive to Attain a Deep Understanding of Your Requirement

Most importantly, we strive to offer you the best aircon products at the most affordable prices. Also, we are pretty much aware of the requirement of the various users and we have been persistently doing our search years after years to comprehend your requirement better. It took us several years to reach this far and it certainly wasn’t an easy task. However, we made it out of our sheer hard work and dedication in this field. Also, unlike in the past, nowadays, it’s only a matter of a few minutes for a user to get the right aircon assistance if ever one needs any sort of an aircon related help. Also, we are pretty quick with our response and you can give us a call anytime to let us know your exact requirement.

Increase Your Aircon Life with Routine Servicing

Is your aircon not working up to the mark or making strange sounds? All things considered, if your answer is yes, then it certainly shows that it needs a repairing without any further delay. These days aircon costs a great deal and subsequently one should focus on repairing it in a normal and affordable way with the end goal to build its proficiency and also its lifespan. On the off chance that drainage system is blocked or the aircon has complex issues then it will certainly begin to show up signs. So in this situation, you will require a reliable aircon Company that will have an excellent expertise in repairing aircon. In case you’re searching for one in Singapore then SG Aircon is the ultimate Aircon Company to choose.

Solid and Mindful Approach with Unwavering Quality and Trustworthiness

SG Aircon is giving services to both business and private properties and has an incredible status as the best aircon Agency in Singapore because of its solid and mindful approach which is absolutely necessary for satisfying the client’s need. Our Company is both reliable and friendly. Hence, you can get in touch with us whenever you want our services. We have talented specialists who have the ability to deliver quality service within the given time since we, as a whole, realize that it is exceptionally hard to live in a hot atmosphere without an aircon system. The clients have largely liked our services in view of the unwavering quality and trustworthiness. The items which are utilized for repairing the aircon system is of high caliber and the experts utilize different devices, skills, and innovation for identifying the errors in the system to fix them. Pricing is always an important factor with regards to aircon service. We make sure that the price of our aircon services is affordable so that everybody can approach us.

We Have the Best Antibacterial Steaming to Clean your Aircon System

An unclean aircon system won’t just decrease the productivity but will also emit a foul smell. So our services incorporate antibacterial steaming to clean the aircon system by utilizing the high-weight splash of hot steam. On the off chance that the aircon system condenser is confronting any issues then it is cleaned by utilizing a stream of high pressure. The devices which are utilized in the servicing purposes are taken well care of by talented experts. Also, they don’t cause any sort of harm to the extras of the system. Hence, we are looking forward to giving you our best services to thoroughly fulfill your aircon needs.

A Perfect Place for All Aircon Related Services and Solutions

For those of you who can’t afford to live without an Aircon even for a day, an aircon breakdown may seem to be even dreadful than the worst nightmare. However, you don’t need to worry as things are definitely much improved now unlike in the past. If we visualize things as it used to be ten to fifteen years back from now, things were certainly pretty difficult and if ever one had an aircon breakdown back then, one might have to even wait for days to find a good aircon mechanic.

On the contrary, there’s a proliferation of aircon companies in Singapore these days. However, not all of them are equally reliable. Also, there’s no denying the fact that a few of them have been doing a pretty great job over the years and we are certainly one of such companies that you can rely upon.

What Makes Us a Reliable Aircon Company?

Ever since we started we have always been innovative about everything and in fact, we have always wanted to offer our users one-stop solutions to their every aircon related requirement from a wide range of aircon brands to choose from to advanced aircon services. Over the years, many people purchased Aircon from us and appreciated the quality that we deliver through our products. Also, we have the most proficient aircon mechanic for Aircon cleaning servicing.

On top of that, we emphasize on making things incredibly easy for our customers and we ensure that customers get the best assistance from us. We make it unimaginably easy for them to reach us and also, we are pretty quick at responding. Customers can call us up to tell their requirement and we will assist them in the quickest possible time with any Aircon related matter such as aircon repair, chemical wash or aircon brand.

Most importantly, we aim to provide the best services and products at the most affordable prices and also, we strive to reach you with the exact product or service of your requirement and this has really worked brilliantly for us as well as for our customers over the years. This is the reason why we have been able to produce the best results for our customers every time. Also, we have attained a decent understanding of our customers’ requirement and you can rest assured of the most reliable services from us every time.

We Have the Most Innovative and Advanced Ways to Serve You

Air conditioning service in Singapore has been through a remarkable transformation over the years in terms of accuracy and of course, effectiveness unlike in the past. This is characterized by highly proficient Aircon technicians, advanced troubleshooting and of course, advanced Aircon cleaning. This eventually led to an increasing use of Aircon. We are SG Aircon Zone and we have played a huge role in the Aircon Industry as well by bringing about an amazing difference in our customer’s experience with our brilliant Aircon services. Something that gives us a constant leading edge over our competitors is our deep understanding of the problems that our clients might possibly have with their Air condition and over the years, we have been largely able to help our customers break out of every single issue they had with their Aircon.

You Have No Reason to Worry as Long as We Handle Your Aircon Related Issues

Do you ever imagine as to how dependent we are on our Aircon? Literally, we are so used to it that some of us can’t afford to live a moment without it. With an Aircon breakdown and with no fast solutions available, life would certainly get so painful and frustrating all of a sudden. This is why we started SG Aircon Zone some years ago to offer you a consistently brilliant, accurate, and fast air conditioning service in Singapore to ensure that you enjoy the most out of your Aircon. Most importantly, we have the most dedicated and patient team to listen to your issues and provide you with fast solution. Also, we have the most highly competent staffs who are thorough with every aspect of Aircon and who can troubleshoot your aircon related issues as fast as you can possibly think of.

Price wise, we offer our services at a much affordable price with a view to making Aircon services available to more and more customers. Also, we have a pretty active survey team persistently engaged in understanding the kind of issues the Aircon users in Singapore are experiencing from time to time. This helps us offer you the best services every time and also, this has turned out to be our greatest strength. All along this journey so far, many appreciations came our way and we look forward to serving you even better and at our best.

Have a Consistently Smooth Aircon Experience Only with SG Aircon


There has been an extensive use of Aircon in Singapore over the past few years which is a clear sign of the kind of convenience that users have with their Aircon nowadays unlike in the past. In fact, it took years of effort on the part of many Aircon companies in Singapore to get things convenient for the Aircon users to such a large extent. We are certainly one of those companies who played a massive role in this field.

We are SG Aircon and we have brought about a huge difference in all aspects of Aircon from Air Conditioning Service to Aircon promotion over the years. We have the best Aircon for Sale in terms of both price and quality. Over the years, we offered our customers a wide range of world’s top Aircon brands at the most competitive prices. Most importantly, our team is involved in persistent research about the various requirements of our customers and this, subsequently, helps us comprehend the needs of our customers better as well as deliver at our best every time.

On top of that, we have the best Aircon conditioning service team comprising excellent Aircon technicians who have the right competence to offer the best and of course, the quickest Aircon servicing to your aircon. All along this journey so far, we helped many of our clients with excellent Aircon servicing that was clearly reflected in the performance. Also, we received many appreciations from time to time for our outstanding contribution in this field.

If you haven’t thought of your Aircon servicing yet, it’s time for you to pay adequate attention to it as servicing at a regular interval of time can certainly improve the functioning of your Aircon to a large extent. Also, it will extend the longevity of your Aircon. You can either visit our official website and leave us a message or call up our hotline number for instant assistance. We are pretty prompt with our service. With SG Aircon, you can rest assured of ‘24X7’ assistance and you will always find us by your side to help you break out of every Aircon related complexity.

A One-Stop Solution for your Every Aircon Related Needs

Do you imagine how difficult your life can get without an aircon especially in a place like Singapore? At SG Aircon, we are totally aware of every single difficulty you may possibly face in terms of choosing the right aircon or in terms of aircon maintenance. We have a brilliant team of professionals with several years of experience to help customer’s breakout of every single difficulty pertaining to Aircon. Our services comprise Aircon repair, Aircon maintenance, Aircon sale, Aircon promotion and Aircon Chemical Cleaning. Over the years, we have helped many customers with our solutions and services. In fact, we made lives our customers a lot easier than before by being consistently able to deliver faster Aircon services.

Most importantly, we have been constantly able to prove our expertise in this field and by now, we are one of the most reliable aircon service providers in Singapore. We are well known for our fast and accurate troubleshooting and repair services. Most importantly, you can root on us for any aircon related solutions or services, be it for homes or offices. Finding proper Aircon solutions has never been so easy before. In case you ever find it difficult in choosing the right Aircon solutions for your home or office, you can simply visit our website to check out the various products that we offer and if you still find it difficult, you can simply give us a call. Our executives will meet you at your most convenient time to help you reach the perfect decision.

Apart from Aircon sale, we also emphasize a lot on educating our customers on aircon maintenance. As a matter of fact, an aircon unit catches a lot of dust out of a prolonged use and may not perform up to the mark. This is the reason why proper maintenance and Aircon Chemical Cleaning at a regular interval of 2 to 3 months is absolutely necessary for ensuring a durable and smooth Aircon service. With our aircon servicing, it will not only improve its performance but also, increase its durability to a large extent. We have customers who have been hiring our services for several years and this actually reflects the kind of commitment we have towards our customers.

Our technicians and engineers are completely thorough with the various challenges that our customers may face with their aircon from time to time. You will be totally stunned to see the competence at which they work and you can always rest assured of the best aircon servicing with SG Aircon.