Advantages of Regular Air Conditioner Servicing

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When you invest in an air conditioner you expect a good performance and a long life for it. But unfortunately, many people face the problem of their air conditioners breaking down frequently. At least some of you must have had the problem of your aircon not living up to the number of years that it should live. There are many other problems that people face with their aircon and the usual thing to do is to blame on the make and model of the aircon. However, there are all chances that the problem was not with the aircon but because it has not been serviced regularly.

Common Problems Faced With Aircon

One of the complaints that you hear quite often from those who use aircon is that the machine is not giving the cooling that it should be giving. There are many other complaints too. There is excessive noise when the machine works. You are faced with frequent breakdowns and the cost of repairing is going up. There is water leakage from the unit which is ruining your carpet. Foul smell emanates from the machine.

There are two other major problems which people don’t immediately associate with the aircon. There is frequent illness in the house and allergic reactions seem to be on the rise. Another common issue is an increase in power bills. You can associate these with your aircon too and we will come to the reasons soon.

Why Should You Do Regular Servicing Of Your Aircon?

All the above problems occur because the aircon has not been serviced regularly. An air conditioner functions by sucking in air from outside, cooling it and sending it into your house. When the air is being sucked in dust and dirt also get into the machine. This will go and block the blowers, filters and other parts of the air conditioner causing lesser air flow. This is why you feel that the unit is not cooling as much as it should.

When the aircon cannot cool as much as it should, it will work for more time to reach the required cooling. This will mean that it will use more power. This is why your power bill rises when the aircon is not serviced regularly. During the service a thorough cleaning is done, which will make the air flow better and help you get the cooling in a shorter period. You will see that there is a drastic reduction in power costs when you service your aircon.

When the filters are blocked, they don’t perform the function of preventing germs from getting into the house. All modern air conditioners have this feature and this will not work if the filters are not clean. The entry of harmful germs is the reason why you find an increase in allergic reactions and sickness in the house.

Regular Aircon Servicing in Singapore assumes even greater importance because of the proximity to the ocean. The wind from the sea carries salt with it and this will cause quick corrosion of your aircon parts. Rust can damage the parts of the unit very fast leading to premature failure. With regular servicing, you can avoid this problem to a large extent.

Benefits of Regular Servicing Of Aircon

You must service the aircon at least once every three months to keep it free from dust and dirt. The servicing job will include the cleaning of all the filters and covers. They will also check the drain pipers for any blockage and clear that. This will prevent water leakage from the machine. When the servicing is done the unit will function smoothly without causing excessive noise. With the servicing done you will also find that the cooling is much faster.

When the aircon is serviced regularly there are no frequent breakdowns. This means that you don’t have to get the aircon company and pay them for repairs. You save a lot of money in this way. The smooth functioning of the machine will also guarantee you that the machine will last for longer. As the parts are regularly checked and cleaned, they will not wear off easily and last quite a long time. This means that you will get the full benefit of the money you paid for the aircon.

Even your regular cleaning and servicing will not be able to remove all the dust and dirt from every part of the machine. Over time the dust will accumulate all over the aircon reducing its performance. It is at this time that you should get the Aircon Chemical cleaning done to remove every speck of dirt from your air conditioner.

During the chemical cleaning, the unit is completely dismantled. Each part is removed and cleaned with the appropriate cleaning chemicals. Further, the aircon is cleaned using steam which will remove the dust and dirt along with the chemical. Once this is done your aircon is as good as new and will give you excellent cooling.

It is essential to find out the best air conditioner company that has all the modern equipment. They must be able to service and repair all makes of aircon and should have qualified and trained mechanics for the job.